The Final Season of Better Call Saul Begins – Is the hype worth it?

There’s nothing like a Better Call Saul movie: The careful planning, the skillful improvisation, the binoculars, and the harsh truth that makes the lie too big to fail were all part of the plan that was done very well. In the first two episodes of the final season, a lot of baits are switched. They air on AMC and AMC+ back-to-back. Petty document fraud interferes with a lot of border-hopping. If there is ever another show that cares so much about Wagnerian cartel blood feuds and the careful etiquette of white-shoe law firms, I don’t think there will be one. Or a show that makes white-shoe law firms feel Wagnerian without forgetting about the careful etiquette of cartel blood feuds.

Bob Odenkirk played Jimmy McGill in “Better Call Saul.”
Though I’m more worried about Nacho (Michael Mando), who is getting more and more caught up in the simmering conflict between drug barons, than I ever have been before. At this point, it’s hard to figure out who isn’t after poor Nacho. There’s Lalo (Tony Dalton), who’s angry because he had to dodge a hundred bullets in last season’s massacre. As you can see, Lalo is from Salamanca. Of course, he has cousins. As a double agent for Gus Fring, Nacho is supposed to work for both of them. If you think Gus has Nacho’s best interests at heart, I’ve got a chicken house in Albuquerque for sale.

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Saul’s split story used to bother me. It could be hard to separate the bad vibes from the weird legal moves in the McGill-Wexler corner. In the two episodes I’ve seen, everything that Kim does is totally interesting. Once, she does a very brave thing, but it turns out to be one of the worst things she’s ever done. To put it another way: Some of the cartel’s stuff is very solid. Prequels may have problems with this, but not too much.

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Better Call Saul has always had a vague idea that it would become more like the show before it, with more attention paid to the Fringe-like underworld. But these early episodes show that the prequel is its own kind of show. Vince Gilligan came up with the idea for Breaking Bad, and co-creator Peter Gould has built out a fascinating part of the world that Gilligan came up with.

Whether he’s staging a heist in a country club or meeting old friends in a new place, Saul can be both devastating and thrilling when you least expect it. Their performances have been honed to the bone. They’ve added pulpy humor to characters they’ve played for more than a decade. Some new things start to happen when Odenkirk and Kim work together. As Saul nears the amoral finish line, you keep seeing the old Jimmy nervously re-emerge inside him. And Seehorn is just unstoppable. She says that Kim’s dark turn was both an act of self-immolation and an act of self-realization.

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In these early episodes, if you pay attention, you’ll keep seeing a doused copy of The Time Machine. H.G. Wells’ book, on the other hand, almost invented the idea of time travel, and it’s a book I’ll read at some point. Because Saul has always been a time machine, the place where it is is important on many levels. When the show started, it cut to a future Saul who was buried in a Cinnabon in a mall.

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He was living under the false name “Gene Takovic.” When the season starts, there will be a lot of Gene scenes. This is the longest tease in TV history, though. The new season starts off with a brilliant opening that makes you think these last 13 episodes will answer questions you didn’t even know you had. Creating new mysteries right as the end is about to start? Only the best artists do that.

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