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The final chapters finally prove which of Goku or Vegeta is stronger

After Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, fans of Akira Toriyama’s work could turn to Dragon Ball Super to discover the latest adventures of Goku and his band. And regularly, Dragon Ball Super allows its readers to discover its new chapters, namely another confrontation between Goku and Granolah.

Warning, the following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapters 73-80

Vegeta > Goku

Last December, Dragon Ball Super readers were able to see Chapter 73. It was titled “Goku VS. Granolah” and provided a fight between Goku and Granolah. The Saiyan and Céréalien therefore continued their confrontation that had begun earlier in the work. Above all, however, this narrative arc was an opportunity for lovers of this particular universe to discover a reversal of the situation, the outcome of which could upset the ranking of Dragon Ball fighters.

And for good reason, the two most famous rivals in Akira Toriyama’s work have long battled each other to try to outdo each other. And despite his best efforts and his innate qualities, Vegeta struggles to surpass Dragon Ball’s main protagonist. Normally relegated to the rank of second Saiyan, Vegeta seems poised to catch up with Dragon Ball Super’s latest arc. And with good reason, in this Chapter 73 we can see Goku struggling to gain the upper hand over his opponent.

His Ultra Instinct remains inadequate against the precision of the sniper, who continues to aim (and most importantly, hit) for his vital points. And while Goku appears to be recovering, Granolah is smarter and sends him flying to the ground in a split second. And with good reason, if Goku managed to regain the upper hand over his opponent, it was because the latter was just a vulgar clone. Faced with the real granolah, Goku doesn’t seem able to pull anything off.

Vegeta then takes over from his friend and manages to mistreat Granolah without even resorting to the Ultra Ego. A power difference that indicates a real level difference between Goku and Vegeta. After dominating his rival for decades, Goku seems to have come down the ladder of descent as Vegeta continues to rise in power. Chapters without charm, but which proved that the two Z Fighters are no match for the Cerealian. After their resounding failure, Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah still had to find common ground against the threat of the Heaters.

In the final chapters of Dragon Ball Super, Granolah had to face off against Gas, also known as Heater’s Killer and the fourth member of Elec’s siblings. Unfortunately for the trio, the Dragon Balls were used to make Gas the strongest warrior in the universe. And in Chapter 80, Gas finally manages to master his impressive power. It remains to be seen how the small group will overcome this new threat that Bardock mastered 40 years ago.


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