The final chapters are the most violent since the manga began


Season 2 of One-Punch Man ended with a giant cliffhanger and a somewhat strange final battle against the giant centipede, which at the same time revealed the association of the monsters. In parallel, the manga didn’t stop there, to the point that the final narrative arc is one of the most breathless and one of the most violent the saga has known. Much has been said about it in the last few chapters.

Warning: this article has a lot of spoilers. It is highly recommended that you keep up to date with the latest chapters published in Japan.

One Punch Man: more and more monsters

The series has always been known for not holding back when it comes to blood and brutality. Although the new narrative arc has already proven that it cannot envy the others on this point, the last few chapters have now raised the bar just a little higher by crossing a threshold. The whole arc shows us how the struggle against the unification of the monsters has become more and more desperate.

As a reminder: King of the monsters Orochi and Lord Psykos were both defeated and led the other monsters on a divine level in a merciless battle for control of the vacant throne. This means that they have all come to the surface to fight the heroes who are already tired and weakened from their previous battle with the Monster Association.

An impressive chapter 143!

In fact, our heroes are really in bad shape in the final chapters. Tatsumaki is brought to justice against Kaiser Tramp and Black Zoosperme, and the other heroes face Cheum Fürher and Jansiv. Except that neither Pur Porc nor Master Marcel can push them back, much too weakened by their previous fights. And the worst that could have happened unfortunately happened. Master Marcel tries in the last standstill to block Cheum Fürher’s blow. His arms are torn to pieces until all that is left is Master Marcel’s bloody pulp. Porridge that Jansiv likes to swallow.

Fortunately, the last chapter 144 shows us the pot of roses. Bang and Genos come to Master Marcel and free him from the monster’s stomach. But this will not cure his condition, almost all the muscles in his body have been squeezed. In chapters 141 and 142 they had previously shown how Bogosse Masqué was torn into several pieces by Cheum Fürher, tearing off his arms and legs, and opening them in two other ways of surprise. In these final chapters, One-Punch Man has never been so violent in the suffering of the heroes.

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