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The film’s Sphinx is inspired by this serial killer

As trailers and information gradually break the ice around The Batman, almost a month before its release, we learn that the Dark Knight’s main antagonist, the Sphinx, will be inspired by a serial killer that ravaged the Atlantic 50 years ago , and not just randomly.

A despised design

Following Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, published between 2005 and 2012, Matt Reeves takes the reins of the Dark Knight with a new actor (Robert Pattinson), a new story, and obviously new supervillains. Thus, for The Batman, which hits theaters on March 4th, The Penguin (Colin Farell) and The Riddler – The Sphinx, or The Riddler in French – embodied by Paul Dano will be the two antagonists of Gotham’s vigilantes.

We learned a little more about the characters as we were presented with the trailers and visuals. Therefore, the images revealed by Warner made netizens cringe, especially at the Riddler’s design. Some have not failed to compare his appearance to that of a garbage bag, while others have criticized Warner’s lack of risk-taking. It has to be said that the Riddler costume has a rather hallucinated and very flashy background. Consider Batman Forever endorsed by Jim Carrey in 1995.

A film Slammed along the lines of the thriller

But this new and more sober design is by no means trivial and ambitious, since this Riddler 2022 version is very mysterious and inspired by a famous serial killer that raged in the United States in the late 1960s: The Zodiac Killer. or The Zodiac.

The beginnings of the film are that the Riddler is inspired by the Zodiac. He kills the very important people of Gotham, the pillars of society. These are supposedly legitimate numbers. It starts with the mayor and then escalates. And after the murders, it turns out that the people are not who they think they are. And you start to realize that there’s some sort of association (…) You have Gordon and Batman trying to follow the clues to make this case sort of a detective story, said Matt Reeves, the film’s director.

Aside from the hood, which references the character’s non-identification (the serial killer was never found and his identity remained secret several decades later), it’s the entire development of the plot that references it. We know that between the murders, the Zodiac enjoyed playing with the local authorities, spreading leads and sending faxes. Here, investigators are represented by Batman and Commissioner Gordon, trying to decipher the character’s actions. Additionally, the film seems to be hitting the thriller model (think 2007 film Zodiac starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo or even
Robert Downey Jr).

At least that’s what Matt Reeves and leading actor Robert Pattinson confirmed and supported these statements in an interview with MovieMaker: “It’s a detective film. It happens all the time in comics, but it’s a genre that’s always there. “Understatement in movies.”

We recently told you that The Riddler, whose real name is Edward Nashton, seems to be on the verge of solving the mystery of the man hiding behind the Batman costume. Therefore, in addition to attacking Gotham’s political elite, Nashton will attack the dark knight directly and in a more psychological way. This certainly promises to be a very dark and cerebral movie.


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