the film was destroyed before its release in France

While it will be released in France next Wednesday, Space Jam: A New Legacy with guest LeBron James and Zendaya was shot down by American critics, but also by many French viewers, before the film was previewed.

25 years after the success of Space Jam

If it’s not yet in French cinemas (it will be on July 21), Space Jam: A New Legacy was hit by lightning bolts from the American media as well as many viewers when it was released.

Warner Bros. has the same concept as it did 25 years ago at Space Jam, where Michael Jordan appeared as a guest. A marketing coup that paid off, as the film had generated $ 90.4 million in sales across the Atlantic.

“An absurdity in the colors of the rainbow”

With remarkable success this weekend at the North American box office for $ 31.6 million, Space Jam: A New Legacy shot to the top of the charts, beating last weekend’s top runner, the Marvelous “Black Widow”. Even so, American critics were not kind to the film.

Space Jam New Era is chaotic, rainbow-colored nonsense, but, unlike the original, manages to assert itself as a film. – diversity

“The film’s profound problems: its numbing swirls of rainbow light shooting up all the time, the cruel references to pop culture turned into jokes, the rigid interpretation” (if we can still use that term) by Lebron, with the he strikes “the dusty moral of being yourself, the fact that for no good reason he can hold out half an hour longer than his predecessor. All of this seems license-based and fan-base-based compared to the insidious project to fuel this economy.” The guard

If the audience was a little less astute with the film, a few tweets confirm the statements of the media. In France, too, the film was not unanimous before its release and was even qualified as a billboard.

#SpaceJam sells you worlds that are frozen in time like a moldy amusement park operated by an algorithm. It’s literally the despicable idea at the heart of the film. 9/13

July 19, 2021

Space Jam 2 was really awful like omg

July 19, 2021

Space Jam 2 was really awful, like omg

Now compare them to Space Jam movies ud83d ude02 ud83d ude02 To say Lebron ‘was better than MJs … goodness ud83e udd26 ud83c udffd‍ u2642 ufe0f

July 19, 2021

Now they compare the Space Jam movies and they say LeBron is better than Michael Jordan … my god.

space jam 2 too bad, i have the air

July 19, 2021

Yesterday I started Space Jam 2 and after 20 minutes my daughter cut ud83d ude2d ud83d ude2d

July 19, 2021

In all fairness, Space Jam 2 is even worse than I thought, it’s the cinematic equivalent of roadside billboards. Who said to Warner: “We’re going to put Sam Le Pirate in a scene from Casablanca, the kids will love it!” ?

July 18, 2021

Warner are directly at the pick-up. You have gold in your hand, but are screwing everything up at the moment. Space Jam 2 is really bad, and yet I’m a fan of LeBron (and a terrible fan of the 1st movie). What a disappointment. The Looney Tunes are buried, too bad.

July 18, 2021

I’m not at all a fan of the 2D part where I find some animations difficult to read. Especially since half of the gags come from the old episode.

July 18, 2021

Space Jam 2 I don’t even want to see it mdrr I think it sucks I don’t want to spoil the picture I have of this license

July 18, 2021

Space Jam 2 Trailer I think this is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen mdrr

July 18, 2021

Space Jam 2 is a mega commercial note from Warner.

July 18, 2021

We can also reduce to “Space Jam 2, it’s a certain vision of Hell”.

July 19, 2021

Space Jam 2 has nice animations, even if it’s cynical exploitation of intellectual property. The laziness behind it is heartbreaking. u2b50 ufe0f1 / 2 #LeCinema

July 18, 2021

LeBron James’ VF on Space Jam 2 is terribly imo

July 18, 2021

LeBron James on defense

A LeBron James is therefore by no means spared, present in the film as a pure marketing product that, according to the press, serves almost nothing. The latter was still keen to respond to his critics while defending the young actress Zendaya, whose film will make the coast jump very high.

They’ll lie to you all when you think they can’t! But in this picture I only see one and that is my little sister @Zendaya!

July 14, 2021

“They’ll all lie to you if you think they can’t! But in this picture I only see one, and that’s my little sister. Zendaya!”

The French release is therefore slated for next Wednesday and the French press across the Atlantic is unlikely to contradict it.

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