the film receives an incredible number of points and sets its first record

The critically acclaimed fiasco of Suicide Squad (2016) led Warner to remake an entirely new version, despite a memorable worldwide cinema score. This time on behalf of James Gunn, who directed The Guardians of the Galaxy in particular, the reboot published yesterday in France on the famous Rotten Tomatoes site got off to a good start.

a breathtaking result

Suicide Squad (2016) is the story of a movie that hit the box office but was a real fiasco at a critical level. In doing so, he proved that a movie that grossed more than $ 700 million does not mean that it is a successful screenplay. Shaky humor, bad script, the criticism had ignited David Ayer’s insight.

But according to early reviews of the reboot, James Gunn brings a much funnier and more entertaining version of The Suicide Squad to the screen. So this is a good start indeed for Warner Bros. whoever wins the bet now. The film received a score of 100% for its debut on the renowned film review site. Los Angeles Time critic Justin Chang admits he was wrong.

After the 2016 Ugly and Pummeled Suicide Squad, I couldn’t imagine loving, and I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing another movie called Suicide Squad. Glad to be wrong.

The R-rated film seems to have made its bet: offer a 100% reboot to forget the 2016 version.

The Wrap’s Alsono Duralde adds that the film isn’t perfect, but it has great qualities compared to the Will Smith version.

Like the Deadpool films, it is a showcase of what can happen when a superhero film is bloody and sardonic while indulging in bloody and vulgar feats.

Released in France yesterday

Even so, it’s good to remember that, despite this craze, the film was only released in France yesterday. It won’t land in England until tomorrow and the US on August 5th. So the people who saw it are mostly people from the press or previews.

The film had already received more than positive reviews at press screenings, which tends to confirm that the production will meet fan expectations, a Suicide Squad movie that should have been different five years ago. We still have to take this review with caution and wait a few more days to get a final opinion on the remake.

For information, the film will also land on HBO Max on August 6th in the US.

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