The film has already premiered with Angelina Jolie and will bring you back to the cinema

The film has already premiered with Angelina Jolie, who she would like to see in a cinema

Taylor Sheridan’s thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead” premiered this Thursday, May 13th.

If you don’t have a plan for the weekend yet, put it on the agenda because there’s a new movie in theaters that you don’t want to miss. “Those Who Want to Let Me Die” is Taylor Sheridan’s latest film and premiered in Portuguese theaters this Thursday, May 13th.

Based on the novel by Michael Koryta, this film – like many others – has a fine line between what is real or believable and what we have doubts about whether it could actually happen in the world in which we live. The plot begins with Angelina Jolie’s character Hannah, a firefighter who has lived in guilt since the death of her three children in a forest fire due to poor judgment.

He quickly crosses the middle of the forest with another 12 year old kid, Connor, played by Finn Little. The boy is on the run after seeing two strangers kill his father. He knows he will be next so there is no more evidence. When he escaped, the group of assassins set fire to the forest so that there were no traces left. You must then try to survive in Hannah’s company.

If the performance of these two wasn’t enough, the film shows other stars like Nicholas Hoult, Aidan Gillen, Jon Bernthal or Tyler Perry. There are many reasons so get off the couch and take the opportunity to return to the cinema.

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