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the film fails at the box office, we explain why

In theaters in France since July 28th, The Suicide Squad has unfortunately been a box office failure despite positive reviews. A situation caused by many factors that play a role, especially Covid-19.

Covid-19, but not that, far from it

The Suicide Squad also suffers from the reputation of its predecessor. The DCEU’s first attempt at bringing the villain team to the big screen was a huge financial hit when it debuted in August 2016 and grossed $ 746.8 million worldwide. But at the time, no global health crisis, very little streaming platform, and a whole new genre for the DC Extended Universe.

Despite the advancing vaccination worldwide, Covid-19 continues to thwart the plans of the film industry. While the virus plays a major role in this failure, it is nowhere near the only one. In France, in any case, the health passport still prevents many people from going to the cinema. We also devoted an earlier article to this topic. In other countries, some are reluctant to go into dark rooms and wear a mask for an entire session.

But the opportunity to see the film on HBO Max created a bad business environment. Unlike Disney +, which was charging a $ 29.99 surplus with the Premier Access offering to watch Black Widow, HBO is no longer charging anything. HBO Max has not yet been released in France, but with the media chronology law specific to France, the feature film could not have been streamed directly in France anyway. For the countries that have access to HBO Max, many fans have preferred to discover the film from their own homes.

Fear of disappointment

Despite the promise of a restart, The Suicide Squad still relies on the same fundamentals as Suicide Squad 2016. As mentioned, the reviews are generally very positive. The film corresponds more to the “bizarre” genre. This time it includes more trash humor, bloody scenes at will and more defined conflicts. Nevertheless, it still makes minimal reference to the original. Characters like Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller and Rick Flag were always present, which made it difficult for moviegoers to perceive them.

The film is also significantly more bloody, which no longer does justice to such a large audience. In addition, it was given the R-Rated classification in the United States, which makes matters difficult. To sum up, people who didn’t believe in a more successful restart simply didn’t make the trip. However, thanks to its critical success, the latter still has chances of attracting a massive streaming audience.

Despite a mixed score, it stays ahead of Jungle Cruise and Black Widow, the summer’s top blockbusters. The Suicide Squad has raised $ 26 million in revenue to date, taking the lead at the US box office.

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