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The federal government is proposing two free quick tests per week for everyone | Free press

Politicians are fighting for more relaxation of everyday restrictions – despite the risks. In order for the following steps to be safer, significantly more testing should also help. The federal government is now making more precise proposals.

Berlin (dpa) – In view of possible further opening of the corona lockdown, the Federal Ministry of Health is proposing two free rapid tests per week for all citizens.

They must be accepted by trained personnel – for example in test centers or practices, but also with other service providers. This is evident from a new discussion paper from the ministry on Monday, which was also sent to the federal states. It is available to the German news agency.

These “citizen testing” options are initially offered until the end of June, with an evaluation scheduled for the beginning of June. According to the proposal, the specific start date in March is still open. In order to create sufficient testing capacities in a short period of time, the group of bodies to be established must be expanded to include service providers who have already set up test centers at airports, train stations and motorways in a short period of time. to the newspaper.

The results of such a rapid test must be given in writing or digitally – also for presentation to authorities after entry from certain risk areas or when visiting nursing homes, for example. This would also be conceivable as a condition for entering certain facilities. If the test result is positive, it should be possible in the future to have another sample taken on site to verify the result with a more accurate PCR test.

The ministry charges a maximum fee of 6 euros per rapid test plus 12 euros for the removal of the test and the issue of a test certificate. This fee is necessary to ensure sufficient providers. The federal government must bear the costs. This is estimated at between 540 million and 810 million euros per month. Based on experience, it is assumed that about 2 to 2.5 percent of the population uses such offerings on a daily basis.

In addition, corona self-tests should increasingly be used at home, the first of which has now been approved. The ministry mentions a possible application that they can offer more security in a specific situation – in a private context for the person being tested, but also, for example, at family gatherings. In terms of a “preventive living environment approach”, it would also make sense to offer one or two tests per week for students and employees in companies. The tests, including an introduction to proper use, should be provided by schools and employers.

Self-tests under ‘supervision’ directly on site by an organizer are also conceivable. As an alternative to a confirmed rapid test, this could also serve as a condition for entering restaurants, theaters or cinemas, the paper said. Self-tests will soon be available in pharmacies, other stores, and online. An inter-ministerial working group of the federal government should also deal with the financial framework. It should also be considered whether self-tests may only cost citizens “an appropriate contribution”. Even with self-tests, after a positive result, you should do a PCR lab test and go home quarantined for the time being.

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