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“The Father”: One of the best films of recent years is coming to television

“The Father”: One of the best films of recent years is coming to television

The work, which marks playwright Florian Zeller’s directorial debut, earned Anthony Hopkins the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Olivia Colman is one of the protagonists.

The feature film by playwright Florian Zeller, based on a play he wrote, is a moving drama about the relationship between a father and a daughter who is stricken with dementia and begins to doubt her loved ones. And the mind itself.

Above all, this story is a portrait of an often inevitable period of life that confronts the public with the difficulty of becoming dependent again and becoming children of those who once depended on us – coming December 18 on TV Cine. February at 9:30 p.m.

Anthony Hopkins plays a man who defends his autonomy and, as he grows older, refuses any help from his daughter (Olivia Colman) in one of the most powerful interpretations of his long career, which earned him the 2021 Academy Award for Best Actor. If at first you can almost convince us that you might be exaggerating a bit, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that what doesn’t seem so serious is genuinely disturbing.

Once it represents the father’s point of view, the narrative is completely fragmented. The elderly person has no real sense of time, changes people’s faces – there are several actors playing the same characters – and does not recognize them. It still jumbles thoughts, intentions, and emotions, causing those watching to doubt everything as well.

As the details subtly change around the world, it becomes difficult to know whether the protagonist is, for example, in the mansion he has always lived in, in a nearby house (with different decoration) where his daughter lives , or in a clinic.

“O Pai,” which won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, also portrays the often thankless perspective of someone on the other side of the illness — in this case, the daughter. Oftentimes, all the effort and care that is put in is not recognized at all because the older person is not even aware of (or accepting of) their situation.


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