The famous MCU actor joins Daniel Craig in the sequel to Knives Out


Remember, Knives Out of Rian Johnson was released in 2019. It was an American thriller in which the writer Harlan Thrombey invited the more eccentric members of his family to his mansion. The next day, however, the wealthy writer was found dead and murdered. This thriller was a real hit internationally, so Netflix has decided to continue the adventure of “Knives Out” and with a five-star cast it appears.

The sequel to Knives Out

We recently mentioned the fact that an agreement has been reached between producer Media Rights Capital and Netflix to create two sequels to the famous film Knives Out. The amount of this agreement then came to $ 450 million, which kept challenging us. It’s a very sizeable amount, in fact, which implies that Netflix is ​​hoping for very good spin-offs.

On the production side, Johnson will take care of these two sequels again, and Daniel Craig will be part of the cast, resuming his role as detective. We’re just learning that another famous actor has been hired by the MCU as part of the first sequel to Knife Drawn, and he’s a bit of a surprise.

The famous mcu actor joins the cast

Our colleagues from Deadline have just announced the great news exclusively: Dave Bautista accompanies Daniel Craig in the sequel to À Couteaux Tirés, which was commissioned by the Netflix platform. It’s a surprise, and at the same time, we have to remember that Dave Bautista and Daniel Craig met on the set of 007: Specter. Additionally, Dave Bautista recently said he wanted to be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 movie but gave up his Drax career right afterwards. That statement made us wonder if the actor had chosen to go in a new direction by getting involved in potential new projects. The continuation of À Couteaux Tirés could be one of these projects.

The Netflix platform has not yet commented on this new announcement. In any case, production should start in Greece this summer. Regarding the scenario, we are ignoring all key elements for the moment. We only know that Daniel Craig will be investigating amid numerous suspects, but no further information has been leaked so far. In the meantime, if you want to find Dave Bautista on screen, you can very soon find him in the movie Army of the Dead on Netflix. The first reviews of the film have already fallen and are relatively unanimous.