the failure of the MagSafe wallet with the iPhone 12 (video)

MagSafe is the new range of quick accessories to attach to the iPhone 12. Among these products we find the MagSafe charger and the leather case. But there is also the leather wallet, which has a magnet on the back so that it can be attached directly to an iPhone. The MacRumors website just featured this last accessory and it is clear that on a practical level it isn’t too much! Apple still a victim of a failure!

Not practical in tight-pocket jeans

In fact, Apple’s MagSafe Wallet retails for $ 59 and comes in a variety of colors. It is light and compact, can be attached to the iPhone and goes very well with the smartphone. The wallet can hold two or three cards with a cutout that makes it easier for the thumb to be removed. Once connected to the phone, the smartphone screen will indicate that the MagSafe wallet is well connected.

On the other side is the magnetic side of the wallet, which doesn’t seem strong enough to stick properly to the back of the iPhone. The American site wanted to test this.

So if you tap the case multiple times, it will be removed instantly! But that’s not the most annoying thing. Especially when you put your iPhone in your pocket to put it away or take it out, it gets stuck. MacRumors states that extreme caution should be exercised in this manipulation. In this case, the wallet is accidentally detached from the phone. The proof in pictures with the video can be found below.

Therefore, the MagSafe Wallet can be a cool accessory for those who have few cards and don’t wear jeans that are too tight. Unfortunately, we can only advise against investing in this product if you are not the type to be careful about pulling your iPhone out of its sheath and wearing super tight skinny jeans!

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