The excellent vacuum robot Xiaomi Mi Robot 1C has seen a nice drop in price

Vacuuming is seen by some as a burden. To make things easier, many technophiles opt for a vacuum robot. A small autonomous device that cleans your floor effortlessly. And if you want to take the plunge, you know that the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1C is currently seeing a nice drop in price.

a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner at an affordable price

With a suction power of up to 2500 Pa, powerful waste collection, sweeping and wet cleaning, the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1C is a perfect everyday ally. Its OV sensor takes care of scanning its surroundings before it can create a smart scan plane. A streamlined path that ends efficiently. A robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans your house from top to bottom so you don’t miss a corner. In addition, you can precisely control the speed. This prevents damage to the floor or the cables.

To be as precise as possible, the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1C has 15 sensors. But what makes this robotic vacuum cleaner so good is its small size. With a thickness of only 8.2 cm, it fits absolutely anywhere. Under beds, shelves or even coffee tables, it easily cleans your home before returning to its place without disturbing you. However, if you want to control it better, you should know that there is a remote control. Schedule cleaning whenever you want, change the cleaning mode or intervene quickly in the event of a malfunction thanks to the alarm.

And if the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1C has not seduced you yet, you know that its association is done in real time. A small vacuum robot with a 2 year guarantee delivered from warehouses in France. Each pack contains a robotic vacuum cleaner, a charging station, a cleaning tool, a charging cable, a water tank, a cloth and a side brush as well as a remote control. An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that benefits from a nice € 10 discount, but would like to be subject to CDiscount’s 25EUROS code, which is available from € 250. And if you prefer smartphones, you should know that the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G Black is on offer.

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A high performance robotic vacuum cleaner. A low price. No more vacuuming required

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