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The excellent Nvidia Shield TV Pro Android TV box is currently on sale, an offer not to be missed

If you have a TV that won’t run Android and want to use Google’s operating system, here’s a good plan for the best TV box, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro: the most powerful

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is an Android TV box and the latter has it in the belly as it has a Tegra X1 chip, similar to the one found in the Nintendo Switch. The latter is 25% more powerful than the previous model, so you can easily run demanding apps and games. Plus, subscribing to the manufacturer’s GeForce Now service is perfect. Thanks to the technology of the American founder, you get an extremely powerful console.

This TV box can also display a 4K HDR image compatible with Dolby Vision and is Dolby Atmos certified for sound. It also integrates the Google Assistant, but it is possible to use Amazon Alexa so you can interact with it or do searches on other compatible devices. Simply press the microphone button on the remote control.

While it was displayed at $ 219, it has just risen to $ 204! An offer not to be missed as it is very rarely for sale. We also currently have a great package with the Samsung Galaxy S10 E.

Why fall for this TV box?

Power Android TV GeForce Now compatible

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