the entire series is now available to stream for free


Cult series of the 2000s, Alexandre Astier and his band will celebrate their comeback with a brand new film 13 years after the end of the program. The return of King Arthur did not neglect comedy fans. But an SVOD platform picked up the phenomenon and decided to buy the broadcasting rights for the series, which aired from 2005 to 2009. This makes it possible to discover or rediscover the entire series in streaming.

a nice surprise for the svod platform

This is the first time Kaamelott has been fully and indefinitely available in SVOD in France. The MyCanal service only offered replay episodes and it was impossible to access all seasons. It was the official Twitter account that delivered the good news through a very simple guessing game for fans. The cult replicas undoubtedly put the chip in their ears very quickly, even before the puzzle is over.

Did you find the name of this series at Salto?

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July 12, 2021

The six seasons on somersault

This means that the program is completely available. The six seasons are well and good there, to the delight of the fans. This news, announced today by the official Twitter account, is good news for Salto. This feat could allow the platform to attract a large handful of additional subscribers given the success of the comedy program, which has built a large fan base over the years.

In addition, many replicas gradually became the subject of Internet memes that were widely circulated on social networks. The platform was developed jointly by TF1, M6 and France Télévisions and offers all newbies a free month. Therefore you can watch the series for free during this time!

An opportunity that the French platform has made intelligent use of since the film Kaamelott hit cinemas on July 21st. Fans can repeat the whole thing again before they discover the feature film in the cinemas. And if you haven’t seen a single episode, you could be seduced by the cult program broadcast between 2005 and 2009 and discover the other adventures of the film.