The engineer has just fixed one of Apple’s biggest bugs

If you are a Mac pro, you surely know the problem with the Magic Mouse, this wireless mouse from the Apple brand, which has the disadvantage that there is a charging port under the device. Therefore, it cannot be used while charging. Just that a user and engineer found a way to correct this Cupertino company’s mistake.

Solved a problem with a little DIY

Indeed, one engineer has found a way to fix the worst design Apple has imagined. The surfer decided to roll up his sleeves and with a little imagination and DIY managed to create a rechargeable Magic Mouse without having to plug it in.

In this video posted on Twitter, the issue was resolved within 90 seconds. It is therefore now possible to charge it at a charging station on the desk.

The charging method of Apple Magic Mouse 2 is very stupid and is now being switched to wireless charging.

January 23, 2021

Even so, it is certain that Apple plans to review the Magic Mouse with the release of new iMacs to replace the existing models this year. According to Bloomberg sources, Apple plans to introduce a number of new products for its iMac, Mac Pro, and monitor lines. It remains to be seen if the company will solve this problem of its wireless mouse’s charging port …

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