The Energy Drink for Gamers has 3 tempting deals for January

Energy drinks, known in many forms, have an inglorious image that is due to a lack of transparency about their ingredients. Recently, a new brand for gamers has made a name for itself for its quality and the clarity of its compositions: LevlUp. The brand, which comes from Germany, has three tempting offers for January.

January 13: return of digital camouflage!

January will be an attractive month for LevlUp. The energy drink brand is using the beginning of 2021 to mark the occasion with three interesting events, the first of which starts tomorrow. This Wednesday, January 13th, LevlUp is relaunching its Digital Camo Edition for the delight of the lucky ones who have already tried it. To celebrate this new edition, this aroma opts for a new design, accompanied by a limited collector’s box with a pro bottle.

On the taste side, the Digital Camo is presented as “the meeting between white and black”, but still wants to keep a mysterious side for your palate as it is one of the fancy flavors. In addition, this new edition is compatible with the 3P2 range. You only pay 2 for 3 products purchased. A godsend for regulars or newbies who want to try the brand’s many different flavors.

January 21: Free delivery from 15 € purchase

You understood when looking at this title, but the shipping costs will be offered from January 21st from 15 € purchase. If you have to place several orders, you can use this offer to get rid of the shipping costs and at the same time take advantage of LevlUp drinks. Good news if you’ve thought of trying some of your knowledge or multiplying small jobs. See you on January 21st to save some cash while you take advantage of the 3P2 offer that is still active.

January 25th: 15% discount on the entire shop

January 25th is a date that needs to be marked with a hot iron! There is a good reason for a 15% discount on all products in the LevlUp store. The perfect opportunity to try these energy drinks for gamers or simply to refuel for the next few months. Regular guests are impatiently waiting for this moment, when the curious can participate without being asked to achieve maximum savings. Good products at low prices, that’s in stock for January 25th.

What is LevlUp?

LevlUp drinks are energy drinks that are mainly intended for gamers. Drinks aimed at increasing players’ concentration and responsiveness in order to increase their performance quickly. In contrast to its competitors, LevlUp offers low-carbohydrate drinks with only 4 grams of sugar per serving, which is up to eleven times less sweet than other market participants. Powdered drinks that are made in Germany, submitted to the European Food Safety Authority and meet strict specifications.

In order not to deceive anyone, LevlUp fully translates the composition of its powders to ensure complete transparency of its products. Quality products that don’t fool anyone and that also have a low price. The proof: In normal times, these products cost consumers less than one euro per serving. Energy drinks for players who want to be transparent and inexpensive. Many have adopted it.

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