The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim will soon be adapted in a new format

The cult game par excellence, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, continues to fascinate players ten years after its release. We hear today that the game will soon be adapted in a new format.

back to Skyrim soon

After releasing on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, with or without a VR headset, and now on PS5 and Xbox Series X, or you might expect the folks at Skyrim to take a well-deserved vacation. But no !

Bethesda announced through board game production company Modiphius Entertainment that a board game called “The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim the Board Game” is in the works. The project is expected to start in June 2021. According to information from Modiphius: “This is an epic cooperative adventure game in Skyrim for 1 to 4 players.” You can now register here on the project page to stay up to date with all the information. There are currently almost 3,900 players.

From video games to board games

This isn’t the first license to go through such a transition in recent years, just the funding platform is changing. We remember the Monster Hunter World game on Kickstarter with a board game to be released in April 2021 and the Stardew Valley board game that will be available for a few days. That’s not surprising. With the global Covid-19 pandemic, board game sales have increased.

After all, Modiphius Entertainment is not the first to try. They have a very good reputation with the players. This company was responsible for the narrative mini-game The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms and the skirmish adaptation Fallout. At the moment the publisher is also working on the paper role-playing games Homeworld, Dune and Dishonored.

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