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The documentary from “How’s Bicho Mexe?” It’s mandatory for Bruno Nogueira fans

The documentary from “How’s Bicho Mexe?” It’s mandatory for Bruno Nogueira fans

It’s available on SIC’s new streaming platform, OPTO, and has 50 minutes of the most epic moments.

Bruno Nogueira celebrated Christmas in May.

It was one of the happy moments that marked this difficult year 2020. In mid-May, Christmas was celebrated across the country (and especially in the greater Lisbon area) with the special “How’s Bicho Mexe? – impromptu talk show that Bruno Nogueira created spontaneously at the time of the first delivery in the spring, when the vast majority of Portuguese people went home and the comedian began to share his thoughts through a series of rights on Instagram, to which several guests went gather.

On that May night, which marked the beginning of deflation, Bruno Nogueira and Company asked fans to put up Christmas lights or props on the windows or balconies of their houses. They started on the Cascais line towards Lisbon, through Buraca, Benfica or Entrecampos, before reaching Marquês de Pombal and going down Avenida da Liberdade towards Coliseu dos Recreios.

As Salvador Martinha said that day, Bruno Nogueira and Nuno Markl’s car looked like the coach of the national team. There were people at the windows and balconies laden with Christmas lights, others yelling or bowing in the streets they passed, and those who took the car or motorcycle and started following Nogueira and Markl, while they honked through the night.

Even an INEM ambulance and uncharacterized police vehicle showed signs of support on the special night of the year: “How’s Bicho Mexe?” – who took to the streets on Instagram after so many evenings at home. That night, 170,000 people saw everything at the same time.

It was a truly remarkable moment that brought many people’s night to life (including the fact that I am writing to you, also because I celebrated my birthday exactly on that night of May 16, locked at home), and the good news is, that this is possible over there now.

SIC’s streaming platform, OPTO, launched last Tuesday, November 24th. One of the exclusive pieces of content worth discovering is the documentary he filmed tonight – recorded by the team of videographers who accompanied Bruno Nogueira and Nuno Markl and later what would happen at the Coliseu dos Recreios .

In this way, the documentary merges between the images from the livestream and those captured by this team. This helps to contextualize everything that happened and offers new perspectives with better image quality. It’s almost 50 minutes, which means it’s not the entire show – it’s a generous best-of.

There is nothing remarkable, and we especially remember that it is not there. Well, I mean, João Quadros’ sexual organ and herb doesn’t appear in the documentary – just because it has been censored. That being said, the moment is there, as are the inevitable reactions.

As you may remember, Bruno Nogueira invited regulars of How are Bicho Mexe ?, as Nuno Lopes, Inês Aires Pereira, Bumba na Fofinha, Albano Jerónimo, Ljubomir Stanisic, João Manzarra or Beatriz He likes it (in addition to others which have already been mentioned), and almost all of them later met, surprisingly to the public, in the Colosseum.

More surprises awaited us inside: Salvador Sobral sang in a bathroom that was lit like a dressing room; and Nélson Évora leapt casually and skillfully through the hallways of the concert hall. Everything ended as usual on Instagram with Filipe Melo at the piano – and Bruno Nogueira also sang a Tony de Matos song, “Vendaval”, by those who are part of the cast of the show “Leave the Pimba in Peace”. .

In the middle there were also some unusual guests: Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva and Cristiano Ronaldo showed up during the live to make the occasion even more special.

It was really remarkable to see all of this from home and see how Bruno Nogueira was touched by the “monster” he created – and believe me when I say that it is one of those experiences that is worth it is to be repeated when watching the documentary “How’s Bicho Mexe? ”.

As for the talk show itself, there were two shows last weekend and the return is promised – even if we have to wait some time. Just in time for Christmas, you can always embark on this nostalgic journey for the time being.


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