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The Disney series reveals its first information and prepares for changes

We finally know a little more about the Alien series. Directed by Noah Hawley, the show brings our dear xenomorphs back to the stage. John Landgraf, the head of the FX team, has just released new information about the series: characters, locations, times, here’s everything we know!

Alien: The series is moving forward

Some time ago, 20th Century Studio formalized the launch of an Alien series. The show, which is highly anticipated by fans of the saga, will be helmed by Noah Hawley, the showrunner behind the excellent Fargo and Legion series. Derived from the cult film by Ridley Scott, this series is still very mysterious at the moment. There is no casting yet and no release date either.

But during a recent Television Critic Association panel, FX President John Landgraf dropped some information about the show. In particular, he indicated when the series will take place in relation to the other films in the saga. But it also revealed the story’s place and Ellen Ripley’s absence from the plot.

It will be without Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley, the cult character who embodies Sigourney Weaver in the first four films under the license, will therefore be absent from the Alien series. This is not really surprising as the actress is already absent from the recent Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. However, Landgraf clarified that the series will be full of surprises:

Alien plays in front of Ripley. It is the first story in the Alien series to be set on Earth. It is taking place on our planet towards the end of this century that we are in now – 70 odd years from now. All I can say is that Ripley won’t be there, and neither will any of the other characters except the alien himself. Big surprises await viewers.

To tell the truth, it won’t be the first time that the Xenomorphs have come to Earth as they have already visited us in Alien VS Predator: Requiem. John Landgraf then clarified that Noah Hawley will try to be very faithful to the works of Ridley Scott and James Cameron:

Like Fargo, Noah will stay true to the spirit of the Ridley Scott and James Cameron films while offering something new. It’s both a reinvention and an expansion of the franchise.

Intended as an 8-10 hour series, Alien will therefore be set on planet Earth and pay homage to the horrifying style of the first film and the action scenes of the second. See you on Disney+ in 2023 to see the result!


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