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The director reveals his three favorite horror movie deaths

Quentin Tarantino has shown a certain appetite for violence and gore in his films. But what are his favorite horror scenes? Although more associated with action cinema and linear thriller, the director still has a strong association with horror cinema with a capital H. In an old interview with FHM Media from August 2007 and found from the Quentin Tarantino Archives site, the Conducting web caving works dedicated to the director, we know a little more about his favorite horror films. Of course, that’s all changed since then for sure, because 2007 is now 15 years ago, enough to get a heck of a lot of old stuff… So let’s not waste any more time and find out together what the dead are, according to Quentin Tarantino, the most iconic of the horror cinemas.

#1 darkness

If there’s one genre that Tarantino left his mark on in horror, it’s the subgenre of the giallo, or Italian genre films, led by the excellent director Dario Argento. Ténèbres is a slasher in which a mystery novelist becomes involved in a tense hunt to find a serial killer inspired by his own books. Tarantino’s favorite death scene in question in this film comes midway through the film, in which “a victim paints blood on the wall after his arm is severed.” Although the film was rather discreet in Italy, it became a cult film in the UK and then around the world, as the country banned it until 1999 due to its violent content. Barbra Streisand’s impact is bound to bring him international fame.

#2 Jason X

The Jason License was slaughtered, as were the main protagonist’s victims. However, with so many deaths in so many films, it only makes sense that there is at least one that really resonates with the viewer. Such was the case for Tarantino in the film Jason X released in 2001 and directed by Jim Isaac. In it, Jason is cryogenically frozen for 445 years and wakes up in 2455 to hunt a group of students from the future. Even if this tenth installment of the Friday the 13th saga was ridiculed by the critics for its Nanardesque side, the audience gives it a little sincere sympathy and certain scenes work quite well, like Tarantino evoking this scene in the Jason “woman solidifies a person’s face by forcing them into liquid nitrogen and then banging them against a counter so that it shatters like glass.” Effective.

#3 The stray

Recognized as one of the greatest slashers of all time, Joseph Zito’s The Prowler (or Rosemary’s Killer in France) managed to bypass much of the censorship that raged in the early 1980s when students at their graduation ceremony were stalked by a person wearing one , hunted down and murdered in GI uniform, but inside is actually a bloodthirsty WWII veteran. In the interview, Tarantino describes his favorite death scene as follows: “There’s a girl in the shower and her boyfriend is on the bed.” She pushes all the way through his chin. It’s really slow. He then goes into the shower where the chick is naked and stabs her with a pitchfork. As she screams, he lifts her against the wall to the point of his death.”

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