the director of the first Space Jam destroys the film after seeing it

Just a few days ago we told you that the film Space Jam 2 was destroyed before it was released in France. Sometimes harsh criticism that did not reveal anything valuable to us. That being said, many viewers also say (after seeing it) that they liked the movie. The ball is now in your field, as they say. If you’re one of those who don’t like it, you definitely know that the director of the first Space Jam, Joe Pytka, agrees with you. The director actually just completely destroyed the new Space Jam.

Comparison between the first Space Jam and the second

Currently, the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy has a relatively low critical score on Rotten Tomatoes: 31%, compared to 44% for the first Space Jam. The film has some weaknesses that internet users like to point out (e.g. poor humor management and the fact that for many it’s a huge two-hour commercial).

Even the director of the first Space Jam, Joe Pytka, wanted to conjure up the said weaknesses of the film and, as you will see, did not go dead.

The director of the first space jam destroys the new one

According to comments from our colleagues at TMZ, director Joe Pytka has criticized Space Jam 2 from all angles. The latter, whose only other feature film is the comedy Let It Ride (which has also received critical acclaim), initially began with the fact that LeBron James was not equal to Michael Jordan: “The truth is, LeBron just isn’t Michael”. He therefore claimed that LeBron James just couldn’t wear the film like Michael Jordan once did.

Joe Pytka then strongly attacked the film’s soundtrack, which he described as “insignificant” among other things, and finally decided to criticize the new version of Bugs Bunny. This version, says the director, “looks like one of those plush dolls you buy in an airport gift shop to calm your child down when your business trip takes too long.” And finally, to complete his full statement, the director said he had to do it five times to see the entire film. In short, Joe Pytka didn’t really like Space Jam: A New Legacy, and he intends to share it with anyone who asks him this question.

And you by your side, have you ever seen it? If so, what did you think? Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think in our comment section! And if you want to recall all the debates that were already the subject of the film, we invite you to consult our previous article, which reminds us that the new Lola is not really unanimous.

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