The director drops a bomb on the future of the Netflix series

We’re not going to teach you anything by telling you that the South Korean series Squid Game was a real global hit after its release. However, its creator had expressed that he had no particular ideas for a possible sequel before conjuring up a second season at the insistence of fans and Netflix. He lingers a little more today on the future of the series.

Surf the squid game phenomenon

In 9 episodes, the Netflix Squid Game series managed to captivate tens of millions of viewers and keep them in suspense. Between criticism of capitalism, unbearable tension and interpersonal relationships, it will have been possible to federate, while it generally receives very positive reviews. It obviously couldn’t stop. We quickly learned that Hwang Dong-hyuk’s series would finally have the right to a second season.

If some evasive information has already been mentioned about this second season, it is difficult to get a concrete idea of ​​what it will say for now. Of course, this doesn’t prevent rocket ideas from the production side, as it’s a season 3 already under consideration by the show’s creator and Netflix.

A season 3 under discussion

In an interview with the South Korean television broadcaster KBS, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, stated that he was “in conversation with Netflix about both season 2 and season 3”. Nothing is formalized yet as nothing has been signed between the series creator and the SVOD platform, but the discussion seems to be on the right track. We shouldn’t expect them to land too quickly, however, as the focus will initially be on what Season 2 will tell, so its writing is far from over.

Rest assured, Netflix does not intend to drop the hype and fans have been waiting for years. Hwang Dong-hyuk says they are “aware that everyone is waiting for the next season to be released”, which they think “constructively”. Understand that the creator of Squid Gamene has no intention of rushing and screwing up the rest of Gi-hun’s adventures to please us. What do you think of this news? Does the announcement of a third season for Squid Game seem like a rush? We’ll let you answer this question in our comment area!

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