The DioField Chronicle guide – What are the best skills for each weapon type?

In The DioField Chronicle, gamers have entry to 9 courses, every with their very own abilities to make use of in battle. As it is a real-time technique recreation, gamers should react quick and have the correct abilities for varied conditions.

There are 4 essential courses in The DioField Chronicle, and every has its personal sub-types. Relying on what model of weapon that class wields, that modifications the potential abilities gamers have entry to. The out there courses have a number of doubtlessly game-changing abilities, starting from standing illnesses to knockbacks and heals.

Which is the most effective, per class/weapon kind, although? The talents listed under are those that gamers will wish to preserve a watch out for, as they would be the ones that can cause them to success.

Every class in The DioField Chronicle and what abilities are the most effective

Soldier abilities to contemplate per weapon kind

The Soldier is the tank class of the sport. The concept is that you may be up shut and within the thick of battle. Nevertheless, that’s not the one factor that this class can do. Along with the Sword & Defend gear, in addition they have entry to Dagger and Axe.


Every weapon kind in The DioField Chronicle has its personal helpful assault sorts, and Troopers will wish to preserve allies protected whereas additionally dealing injury and organising their allies for achievement.

Sword & Defend abilities

  • Phantom Sword (450 energy, 20s CD, 40 EP): A easy however efficient assault, Phantom Sword offers strong injury and in addition grants the Weak point debuff to the goal
  • Defend Bash (200 energy, 8s CD, 25 EP): Deal injury to a person goal and in addition Stun the goal

Dagger abilities

  • Assassination (450 energy, 8s CD, 20 EP): A capability that may be doubtlessly used rapidly in succession, it assaults 1 goal quickly. If you happen to end an enemy with it, it resets the cooldown, so you are able to do it once more quickly.
  • Shadow Step (650 energy, 20s CD, 35 EP): Shadow Step teleports behind an opponent and strikes. Nevertheless, if the goal has a debuff, it hits tougher.

Axe abilities

  • Axe of Grace (400 energy, 5s CD, 25 EP): Axe of Grace is an incredible potential that offers injury and heals for the injury dealt. As well as, it applies Provoke to anybody it hits.
  • Heavy Smash (350 energy, 8s CD, 25 EP): The decrease your HP is, the upper this assault’s efficiency is. It offers injury and travels to the goal location, making it a wonderful hole nearer.

Cavalier abilities to equip in The DioField Chronicle

A wonderful offensive class, the Cavaliers can transfer rapidly and simply, giving the get together area in the event that they want it. They’ve entry to knockbacks, expenses, the flexibility to swap locations with foes, and extra. Although it’s unusual to see Cavaliers have entry to Claw weapons, they do nonetheless provide some fascinating assaults to make use of.


Lance abilities

  • Vicious Swing (200 energy, 8s CD, 25 EP): A cost assault, it offers injury to anybody within the cost path, and enemy models get knocked away from the cost space.
  • Full Frontal Assault (250 energy, 5s, 15 EP): Cost on the enemy, dealing injury to any enemy caught within the path

Claw abilities

  • Flame Assault (250 energy, 8s CD, 20 EP): Cost on the enemy, damaging whereas additionally inflicting the Burn debuff on anybody within the path.
  • Cyclone (450 energy, 20s CD, 40 EP): A pleasant, easy assault, it offers AOE injury for loads of injury.

The perfect Magicker abilities

The Magicker class in The DioField Chronicle is wildly highly effective, capable of heal and dish out standing illnesses, in addition to highly effective AOE assaults. They’re a devastating drive of nature and a key ingredient to any profitable get together within the recreation.


Workers abilities

  • Magical Pressure (450 energy, 20s CD, 35 EP): A magical assault that offers important injury, Enemy Soldier Items specifically take further injury.
  • Pandemic (200 energy, 8s CD, 25 EP): A magical assault with strong injury, it spreads debuffs and standing results to different close by enemy models if the goal has any.

Wand abilities

  • Sanctuary (N/A efficiency, 15s CD, 35 EP): A robust heal, it restores all unit’s HP over a time period to everybody within the massive circle.
  • Lightning Rod (150 energy, 15s CD, 30 EP): Place a lightning rod within the floor at a specified location that periodically offers injury to all enemies within the space of impact.

The important thing Sharpshooter abilities in The DioField Chronicles

Sharpshooters in The DioField Chronicle do precisely what their title implies – dealing well-targeted bodily injury from afar. Whether or not utilizing a Bow or Firearm, they will hinder the motion of enemy models whereas additionally dealing loads of area-of-effect injury.


If a Sharpshooter is in your get together in The DioField Chronicle, they are going to excel at slowing or stopping the enemy, pinning them down to allow them to take no matter combo injury you’re organising.

Bow abilities

  • Lure Caster (300 energy, 10s CD, 20 EP): Place a lure at a set location, and when an enemy passes over it, it detonates. The injury scales with the cooldown timer; every tick will increase the injury.
  • Stun Shot (150 energy, 10s CD, 30 EP): Deal injury and Stun an enemy. Good and easy.

Gun abilities

  • Chaos Cluster (350 energy, 10s CD, 35 EP): Offers injury and applies one of many following results on the goal: Burn, Delay, Poison, and Stun. Glorious with Pandemic.
  • Railgun (250 energy, 8s CD, 25 EP): Offers injury to all enemies in an space, and efficiency will increase when there are extra areas to hit.

There are, after all, different abilities to contemplate in The DioField Chronicle, however these are far and away those which have probably the most makes use of and functions in fight conditions. Different abilities are additionally good, however these are among the many prime tier of assault and help abilities within the recreation.

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