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the development of 16 Dragon Ball characters between their first appearance and today

We had already introduced you to the evolution of the characters in Dragon Ball Z between their beginnings and 2015 in a previous article. In the meantime, however, the characters have evolved again, so it seemed interesting to us to offer you a before and after of these characters so that we can better understand the path they traveled. We also state that this before and after only affects previously released anime and excludes manga (which may contain new developments). Welcome back, let’s go!

1) Vegeta

2) Fantastic turtle

3) Son Goku

4) Piccolo

5) krillin

6) freezer

7) Yamcha

8) Bulma

9) ten Shin Han

10) his Gohan

11) Tribes of the Future

12) fuss

13) c-17

14) c-18

15) the pilaf gang

16) videl

After seeing all of these images the question arises: did you prefer the shape of these figures when they first appeared, or do you find that they have aged well over time? Some netizens will prefer the form the characters in Dragon Ball took when they first appeared, either because it reminds them of pleasant memories or because they hold onto more of what Akira Toriyama had in mind in the beginning. For their part, other internet users will prefer the newer version of the characters, especially for an aesthetic issue. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on this topic in the comments section! We are also particularly curious to see which development you find most impressive.


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