The decision that forced Eva Mendes to leave Hollywood


The decision that forced Eva Mendes to leave Hollywood

It caught on on “Training Day,” shone on “Hitch,” and left cinema and television in 2014 – but it has a good justification.

He was 38 and 10 years old at the highest level in Hollywood when he agreed to participate in The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Ray Liotta. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an actress in her late 40s when the ruthless film industry became less generous for female actors.

Something happened while shooting the Derek Cianfrance film. Eva Mendes, who starred in Gosling’s ex-girlfriend, eventually approached the actor – and vice versa. Despite the almost complete privacy required by both of them, it was impossible to hide the relationship from the media.

Two years later, Mendes and Gosling got together to make “Lost River,” the actor’s debut as director. It would be the last role for the actress of Cuban origin, still in 2014. Seven years later, she has completely disappeared from Hollywood.

Despite the utmost discretion, Mendes’ pregnancy was announced by the American tabloids in the premiere year of “Lost River”. In September Esmeralda Amada was born, a name inspired by Victor Hugo’s work “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”.

It was then that she realized she had a difficult decision to make. Especially because until 2012 children were never in the equation of his life.

“I never wanted to be a mother until I met Ryan. From there things came into being until I was 40 years old and a baby, ”he explained in 2019.

Data protection is always the top priority. A concept that is incompatible with a career in Hollywood, especially when the two parents are among the most famous stars in the country and the world.

“Like it or not, privacy will be very difficult. I think it’s unfair, but it’s our reality. So Ryan and I decided to give up [a Esmeralda] as much privacy as possible. And my pregnancy was the first opportunity we had. It was also such an intimate moment for me as a mother, “she explained in 2014.” I think the media obsession with pregnancy is intrusive and stressful. And that’s why I decided to completely remove myself from this scenario. “

The romantic comedy with Will Smith was one of his biggest hits

Two years later, the second daughter, Amada Lee, was born. By then, Mendes was definitely no longer in Hollywood – and he didn’t seem sorry. “I’m totally obsessed with the girls, I don’t want to leave them,” he told E! News.

His relationship with Gosling, who, unlike Mendes, continued to represent and win an Oscar, was always kept private. In a decade of relationship, they rarely appear together at public events, with the exception of the premiere of “The Place Beyond the Pines”.

For Mendes, the challenges of motherhood were more than enough to keep her busy all day. He even admitted difficulties in balancing all needs. “I’ve tried to find a solution over time. It is important to have a support system. I have my family, Ryan’s family and that is very precious. “

Although Mendes kept family life a secret, he appeared on several television programs here and there, particularly to talk about the experience of being a mother.

“People are so nice, they really try to warn you, prepare you to become a mother, but no one can prepare you. Nobody. And no one told me it was going to be a tough job that would require an enormous amount of skill in different areas, ”he explained in 2019.

He makes it as easy on TV as he talks to fans on social media, where he talks about his absence from his professional life. “As a mother, there are many things and roles that I reject. There are a lot of topics that I don’t want to deal with and that’s why I limit my choices. I feel comfortable with that. I have to set an example for my girls, ”he explained before revealing that he continues to manage his fashion and cosmetics brands even though he doesn’t appear in any movies or series.

“I feel privileged to be able to say: Well, my daily job is now to design clothes. I love it because it’s something I can do without leaving home and I am very happy to be here with my daughters. “

Almost always asked about a possible return, she said in October that she “applauded and admired” the women who combine motherhood and career. “I’m not one of them,” he shot, despite admitting that “ambition is returning”. “My daughters are no longer babies and I’m gradually getting excited again about my work and the idea of ​​creating more things.”

Even so, Mendes draws some red lines for an eventual return. “I think it’s time, but the list [de coisas que admito fazer] it’s getting shorter and shorter. I don’t want to do anything violent. I don’t want to do anything too risky, ”he notes. “I think the only thing left is Disney.”