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The death of this Spider-Man enemy is the cruelest we have ever seen

Spider-Man has many enemies, be it the Green Goblin, the Poison, or Doctor Octopus. Her treatment in comics is regular and sometimes even inspired by MCU productions. Today we come back to the particularly cruel death of one of them, who suffered over time.

the treatment of venom in the comics

Warning: this part contains loot related to the King in Black comic book series. Don’t read any further if you want to avoid them.

Venom is a character who is featured regularly in the comics. We previously talked about his treatment in the King in Black comic book series created by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman and published by Marvel Comics since 2020. It was a Venom crossover in which Eddie Brock died, despite all readers’ hopes that he would survive. On the first few pages of the second issue, Spider-Man tries to reach Eddie, but he doesn’t arrive in time.

Eddie then returns to the hiding place of the few remaining heroes who have not yet morphed into Knull’s symbiotic creatures (the group then includes Red Richards, T’Challa, and Tony Stark). Unfortunately, despite various attempts to save him, the character dies shortly afterwards. A shock to the readers! Wait, there’s a lot worse in the Venom category.

Poison at the end of 1

Warning: this part contains loot from the comic book series The End. Don’t read any further if you want to avoid them.

Venom may be a timeless symbiote, but Eddie Brock is not. In Marvel’s latest one-shot Venom called Venom: The End # 1, Eddie encounters an extremely tragic and ugly ending. Many topics are covered in this Adam Warren comic, including the disappearance of mankind. Warren shows us that symbiots kill machines, but Venom is a little different. The latter was indeed interested in biological life forms and in particular Eddie Brock, whom he genuinely loved.

In doing so, Venom always healed Eddie’s wounds, but couldn’t stop him from aging and doing his job. Venom is just afraid of losing Eddie and will try to make his life as long as possible so as not to lose the being he has been connected to for so many years. Then Eddie’s ordeal begins. When his organs deteriorate, Venom replaces them. Eddie will ultimately be made up mostly of poison cells.

After reaching the (already honorable) age of 200 years, Eddie’s brain begins to collapse. His neurons die. The desperate symbiote then meticulously replaces the information it contains. However, Venom has no choice but to fulfill its own memories. Eddie disappears slowly and painfully in favor of Venom, who doesn’t want to let him die. After the age of 500, Eddie Brock is completely alone and in a sorry state. All of humanity has been wiped out since the superhero era ended. Eddie Brock now suffers in silence alone, abandoned by everyone but Venom. He’s in agony, similar to a puzzle that Venom tries to put together every day. Completely emaciated, cadaver, reduced to the shadow of himself, Eddie Brock has already suffered too much.

The symbiote will eventually realize that it is time to let him go anyway, and he will leave his body, which turns to dust in Venom’s arms. Eddie Brock’s death is horrific, long and dehumanized as he is the subject of a desperate love, a failed exploit by Venom. The story takes the courage because you can’t help but be empathic towards the symbiote despite his extreme cruelty.


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