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The dark story of the doctor who inseminated dozens of women without their knowing

The dark story of the doctor who inseminated dozens of women without their knowing

Quincy Fortier inspires a new documentary now airing on HBO. NiT informs you of the details.

It was a scam for decades.

At the age of 54, Wendy Babst ended his more than 10-year career as a detective in Clackamas County, Oregon. It was March 2018, and to celebrate the renovation, she came across a genealogy kit, one of those simple kits that can use DNA to help you learn more about our origins.

The idea was to find out a little more about their ancestors out of curiosity. In fact, he found out that he had several cousins. But there was a problem: until now, Wendy had no cousins ​​or even uncles or aunts. “I realized that something was wrong,” she said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Wendy’s story begins much earlier, in the 1960s, when her mother, Cathy Holm, then 22, tried to conceive. This was a time when more intimate matters, especially those related to women’s health, were still taboo. While looking for help, Cathy Holm found a fertility specialist. That’s how Quincy Fortier came about.

Fortier was an established doctor in Nevada. He began his career in 1945, in the 1960s he founded what was then an innovative women’s health hospital, the first in Las Vegas. For decades, he was the reference figure for many women seeking help with conception. To the point that he was named Doctor of the Year in Nevada in 1991.

The doctor had promised Wendy’s mother that he would help her get pregnant by using her husband’s sperm. But no: he used his own. He was Wendy’s biological father. In fact, he is the father of a total of 26 people – and we’re only talking about those who already know each other.

Without anyone’s consent and without lying to his patients, Quincy Fortier repeatedly used his sperm to impregnate various women. He did it for years without ever facing criminal charges, without ever losing his license. He died in 2006 when he was 94 years old. We are discovering more about this case today.

Wendy’s story is the starting point for Baby God, a documentary that will be released on HBO Portugal this Thursday, December 4th.

The film is the culmination of two years’ work by Hannah Olson, who produced “Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.,” a program that is now in its sixth season and allows celebrities to learn more about their programs Ancestors. The program combines DNA testing with research. Among the many stories that have already been revealed there is that of host Anderson Cooper, who had a slave ancestor who was beaten to death by one of his slaves during a riot. “He deserves it, I have no doubt about that,” the pivot said at the time.

When Hannah Olson turned to this work, she discovered that Fortier was hiding even more “dark secrets”, he reminds “The Guardian”. Such is the case on suspicion of alleged abuse of a Fortier stepdaughter who became pregnant and was taken to a single mother facility.

The child born from this relationship was named Jonathan and was eventually adopted by a family in Minnesota. It was one of Wendy’s cousins ​​that the director spotted during her investigation, even though in this case she was not born through artificial insemination.

After being named Doctor of the Year in 1991, Fortier was prosecuted by at least two patients precisely because he was suspicious of what was commonly referred to as fertility fraud. The cases where at least four children had paternity were settled out of court, with agreements that implied the story could never be told publicly.

It was not until 2007, after his death, that Fortier first recognized his crime. A footnote in his will admitted the possibility of fathering more children. In the Washington Post, Babst imagines that the man who discovered he was his birth father never thought that “one day he would be caught”. “I don’t think he could imagine that a test costing a few tens of euros would allow him to send a sample and make calls to people all over the world.”

There is something in this story that will always be an unfair injustice to the victims. This is one of the most shocking cases of artificial insemination scams, but it is nowhere near the only case in the United States. Doctor Donald Cline, who retired in Indiana in 2009, has seen more than 60 people accuse him of the same crime.

At the Fortier center, Baby God reveals not only the abuses of this doctor, but also what motivated him and the emotional impact his attitudes had on these people’s lives.

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