The cult character from Jojo’s bizarre adventure wins the miniseries

Jojo’s bizarre adventure: a cult manga that we no longer present and whose community we impatiently know to discover the next seasons of the anime. Even 35 years later, the hype continues! While we don’t yet have any information about the airing of Jojo’s sixth season, which will feature the Stone Ocean narrative arc, fans may be excited to find an icon from Part 4. Diamond is unbreakable.

An original story about the character

In recent years, Netflix has established itself as the benchmark in the production and distribution of anime. Indeed, it is impossible to deny the international popularity of this Japanese cultural product. So Spoke Kishibe Rohan has obviously not escaped the rule: The OAVs will be available on the platform from February 18th. They will customize the events of the manga of the same name published by Delcourt / Tonkam. There is no doubt that the talented mangaka will find himself in more incredible situations than ever in the – deceptively quiet – small town of Morio.

In the production of the OAV we find the David studio, which is already responsible for the previous seasons of the anime. This is reassuring given their quality! Events will follow Rohan Kishibe on his lonely adventures right after completing the Diamond is Unbreakable arc. A miniseries, therefore, as it will only consist of 4 episodes, fully available on the platform.

Immediate success in Japan

Unsurprisingly, this secession was a huge success in the land of the rising sun. In fact, live action was dedicated to him last year, testifying to the excitement that Hirohiko Araki continues to excite. The latter is not on its first attempt as a first spin-off was made in 2010.

The title Rohan in the Louvre shows our hero in the most famous museum in France. A fantastic story that would involve a certain cursed board: the chalkboard. This should help us be patient as we wait for the long-awaited Part 6 to return.

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