The creators of the series announce the news that all fans have been waiting for


The adult television channel Adult Swim recently made an announcement about the future of the Rick & Morty universe. The series started in 2013 and the producers are clearly not done with their crazy characters, much to the delight of the fans.

A universe that will soon expand

While the fifth season of Rick & Morty kicks off on Adult Swim on June 20, production plans to expand the animated series’ timeline. And it’s not a sixth season that has been announced, it’s the arrival of a spin-off.

The series co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will be executive producers alongside Erica Rosbe and Sarah Carbiener. They will contain secondary characters in the middle of the spin-off. Supernova, Vance Maximus, Alan Rails, Crocubot or even Noob Noob will be present.

the defenders

And the project already has a name as it’s called The Vindicators. According to the producers, the point will be to take advantage of the supporting characters in the fight against crime:

We’re excited to be working in the Rick and Morty universe again, and these shorts are an incredible opportunity to explore what happens after the Defenders save (or destroy) worlds. We’re so excited to show how dysfunctional this team of superheroes is, whether or not Rick is there to see half of them get murdered.

The Vindicators are a team of superheroes who first appeared in Revengeers 3: The Return of Worldender, the fourth episode of season three. The series will therefore focus on its capabilities, although we currently have very little information about the exact scenario that is presented to us.

The new Rick & Morty-based series is expected to consist of eight to ten episodes and be available on global digital platforms based on broadcast rights. Given its success with us, it should most likely land on one of them in France (it remains to be seen whether Netflix or Disney + or some other platform will acquire the rights before another).

The animated comedy, which started in 2013, is a hit, so Adult Swim ordered nearly 70 episodes in 2018 under a new long-term contract. While you wait to find out more about this new series called The Vindicators, here’s the final trailer for the new season of Rick & Morty: