The Corona emergency brake has been operating since midnight | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – The federal corona emergency brake has been in effect in numerous cities and districts since midnight. In the affected areas, where the so-called seven-day incidence on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays was above 100, a curfew applies between 0 and 5 a.m.

Curfew does not apply to anyone who may be giving serious reasons, such as caring for family members, caring for animals, emergencies, or professional needs.

In regions where the emergency brake applies, no more than one household is allowed to come together with one other person, with the exception of children up to 14 years of age. Classroom education in schools should, as a rule, be discontinued from an incidence of 165.

The comprehensive Infection Protection Act – the so-called Corona Emergency Brake – was passed in the Bundestag on Wednesday. This is intended to standardize national regulations in the fight against the corona pandemic. If countries have established stricter rules, these will continue to apply.

The new regulations are cause for optimism for the Virchow Association of GPs. “I see the chance that the third wave is about to break,” said chairman Dirk Heinrich of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. The growing vaccination effect and the earlier lockdown measures have already stabilized the numbers, now the emergency brake is set in motion.

Curfew “would effectively prevent the risky evening meetings or you wouldn’t come home,” said Heinrich. “There are currently too many infections in the private sector.”

His belief: “We will win the race between vaccination coverage and incidence if we keep our feet still for two or three weeks, get through the lockdown and get faster with the vaccination,” said Heinrich. “The situation will be much more relaxed at the end of May. Then we’ll get about an extra 12 million people vaccinated, then 30.35 percent of the people will be vaccinated, and that helps a lot. “

Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier assumes that “in June or July” exceptions for people who have been vaccinated against corona can be discussed. The CDU politician told the Funke media group newspapers. “So whether people who have been vaccinated twice remain in quarantine, for example after contact with infected people or after traveling abroad. Or that people can visit a restaurant without taking a quick test first. I can imagine that very well. “

According to Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), the delicate question of what restrictions on vaccinated people should be lifted will be the focus of Monday’s prime minister’s conference. One aspect is, “How do I treat fully vaccinated people in relation to those who tested negative on the day?” Full vaccination protection can be equated with a negative test result. According to the CDU politician, this applies to lifting the quarantine obligation after contact with an infected person, the rules for access rules and opening steps for shops, for example.

It was also said on Friday that the government was preparing a review of the legal issues for the round of country leaders. According to a report by “Bild”, the Federal Ministry of Justice has drawn up a corresponding model. The paper says, “According to the latest findings from the Robert Koch Institute, those who have been vaccinated and recovered have a lower risk of infecting other people than those who tested negative in an antigen test.” Therefore, the shelter or the exemptions should also be granted to vaccinated and convalescing people. The paper is still being coordinated.

The federal government could allow implementations with the authorization for regulations introduced in the Infection Protection Act – with the consent of the Bundestag and Bundesrat.