The controversial figure is making a comeback in the upcoming book


The gothic horror classic Curse of Strahd was previously known to contain several harmful stereotypes. And that story isn’t new, as players have noticed since its release in 2016, which forced Wizards to redesign the edition with Curse of Strahd Revamped. However, the publisher risks drawing the wrath again because it decides to incorporate a character already known from the universe of the Dungeons and Dragons, as he was present in Curse of Strahd, but very problematic.

Ezmerelda of the future, a problematic character

It will soon be celebrating its comeback. Originally, Ezmerelda was integrated into the Vistani people by Wizards, which was often viewed by fans as an allegory of the Roma. In addition, these individuals have always been viewed as untrustworthy, which has fueled the controversy on the issue all the more. Which did not fail to make some waves as, according to fans, this portrayal contained some stereotypes. She also received a prosthetic leg called a Secret, which is why she actively hides it. To top it off, Ezmerelda’s story even hinted at human trafficking.

His presence in the next book should be a problem

It will therefore be included in Van Richten’s next book on Ravenloft. The publisher shouldn’t, like Wizards with Curse of Strahd, overhaul its story to make it look exactly the same as before, with the stereotypes and controversy it sparked. However, the publisher is defending itself and according to him, Ezmerelda is no longer in the cartoon.

It is no longer wrapped in the racist caricature the Vistani were originally written for. And she has a lot more freedom of choice than ever before.

It remains to be seen what happened next …