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the continuation could be delayed by this other project by Alexandre Astier

After twelve long years, Kaamelott fans were able to discover the first part of the trilogy planned by Alexandre Astier today. Still, if the director and screenwriter wanted to reassure fans about the sequel, he warned that the sequel could be delayed by another project close to his heart.

A sequel that shouldn’t be delayed unless …

One of the most popular series of the last twenty years, the Kaamelott series is at the heart of a true cult. It must be said that the originality of the series and the artistic aspirations of its creator Alexandre Astier make Kaamelott a work that is far apart. If for many, a Kaamelott fan at any given time is synonymous with balanced aftershocks (it’s a bit true), most of all, it is to be patient. Because between the end of Book VI and the publication of Kaamelott: Premier Volet another twelve years will pass.

Kaamelott: Premier Volet, which was released today, is going to be a huge hit considering how many people saw the film at the premiere. By the way, we encourage you to read our full, spoiler-free review of Alexandre Astier’s film.

The creator of Kaamelott has never hidden his ambitions: For him, Kaamelott has to end with a trilogy in the cinema, of which the film released yesterday is, as the name suggests, the first part. But many fans are already worried about how long it will take to see the sequel. Will Alexandre Astier have ten years before he directs the sequel to Kaamelott: Premier Volet? In an interview with our colleagues at Le Point, the artist had some comforting words to say the least.

If I’m not mobilized by another big series adventure that is important to me, KV2 doesn’t have to wait as long as the first.

It will of course be necessary to wait a bit before discovering the rest of the adventures of Arthur Pendragon and his knights. Especially when Alexandre Astier has already written “the rough outline for” [les] two parts [suivants]“It’s very precarious, he says, not even in the treatment state. We are therefore reassured that the launch of Kaamelott: Second Component should probably be shorter than the first.

It must be said that between the end of Book VI and the release of Kaamelott: Premier Volet, Alexandre Astier worked on many projects, including a feature film (David and Madame Hansen), two animated films he co-directed. Asterix: The Domain of the Gods and Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion) and two shows (May my joy stay! And The Exoconference) the director should have enough time to deal with Kaamelott’s Writing 2.

Alexandre Astier, however, conditioned the speed of execution of the sequel to his mobilization for another serial project that is close to his heart. Although he doesn’t name her in his interview for Le Point, fans of the artist know that Alexandre Astier has been working on a series for many years, alongside a project around the Beast of Gévaudan (the form of which it will take is unknown) for many years on a project for Canal + entitled Vinzia, which will deal with “the Lyon mafia” and “the Italian municipality of Lyon”, the director told Première in 2015.

Alexandre Astier is very close to his mother Joëlle Sevilla of Italian origin and also to his hometown Lyon. The Vinzia series should also be an opportunity for Astier to pay tribute to some of his favorite works, such as Michael Mann’s Heat or the series The Sopranos, which he describes as his favorite series.

Anyway, we can’t wait to get to know Kaamelott 2 and the Vinzia range. If you are interested in Alexandre Astier’s other projects, we have prepared a complete dossier on the subject.


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