The characters of the entire saga presented themselves in a realistic version, the creation that smells of nostalgia

Last May, we invited you to discover the creations of Hossein Diba, a Turkish artist, who modeled the characters from the Simpsons series in a realistic version. Diba has not stopped creating the opportunity for us to share his work again between last year and now. This time the artist went to a video game Hall of Fame: Grand Theft Auto.

realistic characters

Claude, Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic, four emblematic characters who serve as protagonists in the various works of the GTA saga of Rockstar. These characters, seen through rough polygons, the fault of the vintage consoles, were presented here in a realistic version by artist Hossein Diba, specialist in 3D. The Turkish artist has worked with Blizzard and CD Projekt Red in particular, so he knows the world of video games well. Characters who are likely to make a lot of memories, even more so if you’ve been married to the franchise since its inception decades ago. We will let you discover the different creations of Diba starting with his creations related to GTA. Achievements follow from different worlds related to video games or not.

Claude, Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson and Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic / GTA IV

Carl Johnson / GTA: San Andreas

Tommy Vercetti / GTA: Vice City

Claude / GTA 2

the famous woman from the loading screen

Daenerys Targaryen / Game of Thrones

Bruce Wayne





Peter Parker / Spider-Man

moral miles / Spider-Man

Gwen Stacy / Spider-Man

V / Cyberpunk 2077

youtubers in the game / Cyberpunk 2077

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