the characters from Attack on Titan Version Wit VS Version MAPPA

Exactly one week ago we invited you to discover the differences between the Wakanim version and the Blu-Ray version of the fourth season of Attack on Titan. Many of you then noticed that a comparative work between the Wit version and the MAPPA version of the various characters in the anime might be of interest. So we got to work, and here is a before / after of SNK characters, Wit version, and MAPPA version.

1) history

2) live

3) Commander Pixis

4) eren

5) eren (until)

6) connie

6) Sasha

7) jeans

8) mikasa

9) Hansie

10) victory

11) Armin

12) queen

13) Annie is trapped in the crystal

13) dress

14) nail dork

And if you want more, we suggest you check out our previous before / after on the illustrations of the manga and animation by MAPPA.

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