The cast of the second season grows with the confirmation of many leading actors and actresses


The Witcher’s second season is planned for the end of the year or sometime in 2022. A second series of episodes that will continue to appear while filming. And recently the production was able to confirm new additions to the line-up. A variety of new actors and actresses were introduced alongside their respective characters.

After an initial confirmation by the Hollywood Reporter, the official Twitter account of The Witcher series has taken care of the confirmation of newcomers. The cast is growing, making it possible to open up the specter of the events that are being told there. The universe presented by Andrzej Sapkowski is huge and it is necessary to refine the edges to find out what will or will not appear in Season 2 of the Netflix series. Alongside these confirmations, the production accompanied each actor with a description of their character. So here are the actors and actresses confirmed for this second season.

Graham McTavish as Sigismund Dijkstra

In January 2020, an audition by Graham McTavish for the role of Sigismund Dijkstra was published on the internet. While this type of event is usually associated with a failed audition, the Scottish actor got the role. He will therefore play the head of the Redan Secret Service on the screen. A Varys in The Witcher Sauce, a character to be particularly followed.

“As head of the Redan Secret Service, Sigismund Dijkstra is known to all human traffickers and undesirable people on the continent. His impressive style and physical strength are secondary to his knowledge of kings and rulers. Magician and getting what he wants. “

Adjoa Andoh as mother Nenneke

Earlier this month, sources from Redanian Intelligence could confirm that the character of the mother priestess Nenneke of the Temple of Melitele would be present in season 2 of the series. Netflix is ​​therefore taking the liberty of formalizing the matter. An important character who, at Geralt’s request, will be responsible for training Ciri. After Nenneke, it is Yennefer’s turn to take care of the turbulent young girl.

“As a priestess, Nenneke is a mother figure to many lost travelers who seek refuge at the gates of the Temple of Melitele. She has healed many, including Geralt, with his essences, ointments and wise advice.”

Cassie Clare as Philippa Eilhart

Last week, the site specializing in the universe of The Witcher was able to confirm again that a witch, a member of the council of magicians and masters of polymorphism, would be in season 2 of the series. Your name Philippa Eilhart. Redanian Intelligence suggested an actress for the role: Cassie Clare. Here, too, the specialized side is correct.

“Both charming and devious, Philippa Eilhart is one of the main advisors to King Vizimir of Redania. Her ability to literally and figuratively transform herself into courts and parties makes her one of the most influential witches in politics on the continent.”

Lizz Carr as Fenn and Simon Callow as Codringher

Actress Lizz Carr will play the character of Fenn, an investigator who will help Geralt identify his enemies. But his actions come at a price: gold ring and stumble. It remains to be seen whether the witcher will empty his wallet in exchange for his services and those of his loyal buddy Codringher.

“Partners in crime – supposedly to solve crimes – Codringher and Fenn take care of the information trade: collecting, knowledge, uncovering and even burying at the right price.”

Chris Fulton as Rience

Quickly confirmed with the release of the latest rumors, actor Chris Fulton will be giving his facial features to Rience, a magician who knows fire magic. A character that lovers of the original work will know well, as he is present in the most memorable battles of the saga. It remains to be seen whether his presence will be transcribed as well in writing as in the series.

“Sadistic mage with a penchant for fire. Rience is used by a mysterious lord to hunt down a precious gem. His cruel tactics leave deep scars all over the place … but he will try in vain to escape without them. Let a few. “”

Kevin Doyle as Ba’lian

Actor Kevin Doyle, who you’ve undoubtedly seen in the hit series Downtown Abbey, will play Ba’Lian on the big screen. Little information is available about this character as it is unpublished and does not appear in the books.

“Ba’lian has escaped from one of many elves who seek refuge in unexpected places on the mainland. Brave and principled, he crosses paths with surprising characters inspired by his refusal to fight without a surrender. “

Subsidiary characters also confirmed

The Redanian Intelligence Site confirmed the presence of several other actors and actresses. So we know Kara Lilly Hayworth (The Hunter and the Ice Queen) will be there. Although her role is still unknown, it is possible that the young woman gave her facial features to Queen Cerro of Redania. Ciri will obviously be involved, it remains to be seen how.

Follow Joseph Payne (The Third Day) and James Baxter (Emmerdale, Red Dwarf), two actors whose roles are completely unknown. Still, their characters are expected to appear in the second half of the series. It remains to be seen why. Puzzles and chewing gum, even if the next few weeks of shooting could enlighten us.

Finally, the Redanian Intelligence Site was able to identify the actors Dermot Daly (Emmerdale, Coronation Street) and Pablo Raybould (Doctors, Berlin Station) as well as the actress Tracey Chatterley (Fallen Angels). Here, too, their roles remain unknown. However, their roles could still be secondary.