the cameo of Chris Evans that you missed in Don’t Look Up

On Netflix, Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Don’t Look Up, a satirical comedy inspired by climate change. A subject very dear to the actor’s heart, but far from being alone as it is accompanied by an insane role. But the cast is so glamorous that you may have missed the cameo of one of the MCU’s biggest stars, Chris Evans.

Don’t Look Up: a satire with a five-star cast

In Adam McKay’s film Don’t Look Up, currently available on Netflix, two scientists try to warn the whole world that a comet is about to hit the earth. Only, their mission turns out to be much more complicated than expected as they face denial but also the spread of disinformation. A current topic.

Unless its start isn’t the most important in Netflix history, the 2:15 comedy definitely hits a sacred critical hit. It must be said that, in addition to his satirical treatment of a current topic, he benefits from a sacred cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchette, Timothée Chalamet and Ariana Grande are part of it. But you may have missed the appearance of another international star, Chris Evans.

A cameo that is as fast as it is efficient

After more than an hour and a half of film, there is a short interview scene. Briefly, of course, but that will still be noticed by many viewers because it is very funny. So we discover the fictional actor Devin Peters, in full promotion of his disaster film Total Devastation, a feature film about a comet that will hit the earth and ironically, the day a real comet is supposed to crash is supposed to come out of the real world. This one is played by the unrecognizable Chris Evans, the famous Steve Rodgers / Captain America performer in the MCU.

In the interview he is asked about his opinion on this topic, which is at least as divisive as the vaccination in our country: does he really believe in the arrival of a comet? Obviously he is trying to evade the question and not take sides, a position symbolized by the wearing of a needle with up and down arrows showing that he has no opinion. Again it is a satire on the language of wood and above all on the difficulty of expressing one’s opinion in public spaces.

While many viewers who noticed this cameo described this scene as fun and welcome to the movie, many others didn’t even notice, as the scene in question lasted only a few seconds and Chris Evans was barely noticeable as you can see below.

Either way, this cameo is as quick and unobtrusive as it is fun and efficient. The director had the intelligence not to apply too much pressure by making the scene unnecessarily longer or by multiplying the close-ups on the actor’s face. And for good reason, Chris Evans wears sunglasses in Don’t Look Up, but also a hat and a fake beard. The actor is not even mentioned in the credits.

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