The book from which the success “365 days” emerged is coming

The book from which the success “365 days” emerged is coming

Blanka Lipinska’s erotic novel will be published in Portugal on May 18th.

Last June, the film “365 Days” hit the top of Netflix in the opening week. The book of the same name by the Polish writer Blanka Lipinska has been translated into Portuguese and will be sold here on Tuesday, May 18th.

The erotic romance has been compared a lot to the famous “Fifty Shades of Gray” because it also focuses a lot on the sex scenes between the protagonist couple. More than 1.5 million copies have been sold in Poland alone, and there are two other books that are part of this trilogy.

In “365 Days” we can follow the story of Don Massimo Torricelli and Laura Biel, who are played in the Netflix version by Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka. Massimo is a young head of a Sicilian Mafia family, while Laura was celebrating her birthday in the area when she was kidnapped at the behest of the gangster.

The relationship between the two soon becomes contradictory, although Massimo guarantees that the young woman will learn to like him. He gives him 365 days for this and promises that if he doesn’t want anything to do with him at the end of this time, he can be free to go his own way.

The plot published by the streaming platform was widely criticized worldwide due to scenes with violence, abuse and sex. These were also some of the arguments that led many curious people to watch the film in order to understand all of the controversies it was embroiled in.

At the moment it is already possible to pre-order the book in online bookstores. From Tuesday you can buy it at a suggested price of € 18.90. The sequel to the film is already in preparation, but a release date has not yet been announced.

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