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The board game signed Asmodee benefits from a nice discount of 35% for the sale

It’s almost winter holidays and when you’re not going skiing, here’s Catan, a great board game to play with family or friends. The latter takes advantage of the last days of sales and is at least 35%, an offer not to be missed.

Catan: a real game of conquest

Catan is a board and strategy game by Klaus Teuber. The goal of the game is to develop your colony on the island of Catania and build your city ahead of your opponents as quickly as possible. The rules are simple and you can have fun from the first game. Attention, you must be at least 10 years old to enjoy it and you must be at least 3 players to start a game.

There are 3 different phases in this board game:

the production of resources, trading and exchanging resources with other players, and building roads and cities with the accumulated resources.

To win the game you must have a total of 10 Victory Points distributed in a specific way:

1 point for a colony2 points for a city2 points for the longest road2 points for the strongest army…

It is currently priced at 26.02 euros instead of 39.99 euros in the basic version. To pass the time, we also have a great Tim Burton box set for sale.

Why be tempted?

An original gameFor strategistsA must

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