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The black mamba: “Whatever happens, we already feel like winners”

The black mamba: “Whatever happens, we already feel like winners.”

The Portuguese band takes part in the Eurovision finals this Saturday and tells NiT how they lived the last few hours before taking the stage.

Nervousness isn’t a word that is part of The Black Mamba vocabulary. A few hours before the stage of the Eurovision Final, which will take place this Saturday, May 21st, the band that will represent Portugal in the European competition spoke to NiT to share the experience of a great day for five musicians. but also for our country.

Despite all of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Portuguese haven’t had much room for maneuver to escape the Eurovision environment, but they are not concerned. The day was divided between rehearsals and interviews. “The day is going well, we are used to the routines and dynamics here at Eurovision,” they explain. When they spoke to NiT they had just finished the second rehearsal of the day, which “went well” and which gives them the “assurance that everything is ready to go well tonight”.

The Portuguese are known to be among the favorites to win. In addition, the song “Love is On My Side” hit the top of digital sales on iTunes across Europe. Even without wanting to attach too much importance to the predictions, the Black Mamba confirm that they feel a growing buzz around them.

“We have the feeling that people are enjoying our music more and more. We have received very positive feedback. We feel this positive effect, ”says singer Tatanka about NiT.

The black mamba last Thursday.

The musician says that despite the experience the band has already had, he cannot remain indifferent to the pressure to represent Portugal on a stage like Eurovision: “There is more pressure to know that we represent a whole people, this is true. We already felt it on Thursday [dia da na semifinal, no passado dia 20 de maio], but we also felt greater affection ”.

“We also received a lot of messages from Portugal. We know that everyone supports us and puts down roots for us, and for that reason alone it has already been worth it. Whatever happens, we already feel like winners. The result is really very positive, ”he guarantees.

The band also believe their experience could be an asset in this Saturday’s finale. “The five of us are here together. There are other competitors who are alone and don’t know anyone, so we have this advantage, ”emphasize the musicians. “We have been together for many years, we have a lot together and that gives us a lot of peace and quiet, we know that we are not alone.”

When asked what they are going to do if they win first place, the band says they have nothing planned. But it’s not even necessary. “We haven’t planned anything. But when it happens one thing is certain: we will scream, scream a lot. And also drink a lot of wine ”.

At the end of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 25 countries will take part alongside Portugal. The finalists were qualified in two semi-finals, which took place on Tuesday, May 18th and Thursday (May 20th). In the first semi-final, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Cyprus, Norway, Belgium, Israel, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Malta were selected for the final.

The Black Mamba qualified on Thursday along with Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Iceland, San Marino, Switzerland, Greece and Finland. Countries qualified in the semi-finals include France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as the host country – the Netherlands.

The competition will be broadcast on RTP from 8 p.m. Take the opportunity to read NiT’s article about the Portuguese band’s last days in Rotterdam.


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