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The best weapons in the game that you have to use

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a game that takes your heart out. After offering to discover 9 secrets of the game, telling you about the Ubisoft studio that had some problems with the description of one of its characters, and mentioning 3 skills that will make you really appreciate this game we offer To you this time, to come back to 6 very important Valhalla weapons. Sharpen your arrows and your blades, we’ll get started without further ado!

# 1 Arch of Petra (Raubbogen)

We start by presenting you with a truly satisfactory type of arc. The Arch of Petra (a special robbery arch) is obtained from Legendary Animals at the end. The Arch of Petra is notable for increasing your critical damage when you are at full health. You can stay stealthy by eliminating your enemies before the alarm goes off and doing very powerful headshots (you can do incredible precision, indeed) while staying far enough away to maintain your health. above.

# 2 Ursine Guard Shield

Always check the benefits of each of your shields in Valhalla. For example, the Ursine Guard Shield (part of the Berserker Gear Pack) increases your attack after a hit. It’s quite simply the ideal shield to stand upright after suffering a few nasty gestures from your opponents. Watch out, my goat!

# 3 grave ax

The two-handed grave ax has the following ability: After a critical hit, you have the privilege of using the element of fire for a duration of 5 seconds with a cooldown of 10 seconds. You can get your hands on it as you progress through the main campaign, especially during the main “Tipping the Balance” mission in the “The Kingmaker Saga” story arc. This very special ax is in the crypt where you get your hands on Burgred. Make sure you open all of the chests around! You will leave this place and so can get your enemies flying right away, with a good number of families.

# 4 Excalibur

Before you set out to conquer the legendary great sword, you must obtain the 11 treasures of Brittany. Eight of these tablets are to be collected in different locations, while the last three are being transported by zealots, formidable enemies who work for the Order of the Ancients, the enemies of those who cannot be seen. Once obtained, Excalibur has the ability to blind enemies around you which quite easily makes it one of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

# 5 Plagues

Now let’s get to the plagues! For our part, we really liked the Scourge: Spinning Death, which allows you to drop a fire bomb. However, one must keep in mind that any type of plague is tolerable and a great addition to Eivor’s arsenal. As you have no doubt seen when you have faced the many Anglo-Saxons of Mercia, the epidemics are very difficult to avoid. You just have to watch out for passers-by!

Carolingian long sword No. 6

The Carolingian longsword is also a two-handed weapon that is ideal for dealing significant damage while providing good range and excellent stability. This weapon has another bonus that is especially useful for mass murders: when you perform a final blow, the critical damage increases on your next attacks. This means that the more enemies you kill, the stronger your attacks will be (up to five times stronger). Enough to activate Barbarism Mode in Valhalla!


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