The best tweets after episode 9

Anyone who says Friday necessarily says Koh Lanta. Like every weekend, lovers of betrayal, trials in the mud, and swimsuits (probably saved by production) gather outside TF1 to watch a new episode. And this Friday, October 23rd, Koh-Lanta is broadcasting its ninth episode, the opportunity for fans to discover the eliminations of Bertrand-Kamal and Joaquina, the portraits of Angelique and Fabrice, but also the discovery of Lola. A remarkable new episode that apparently landed at the top of Twitter Trends France. Our community manager dug up the most beautiful nuggets of the evening there, the laughable, the cream of the harvest. Discover the 15 best tweets from this episode 9 right below.

# 1

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The only thing that Alexandra can defeat: #KohLanta

23 October 2020

# 2

The burger nicer than Hadja #KohLanta

23 October 2020

# 3

The best always leave #KohLanta first

23 October 2020

# 4

Lola, if she is too far from camp, she will fall on Moussa, who will always be on her orientation test. #KohLanta

23 October 2020

# 5

Hadja, if she were still there, she would have read Lola’s note, seen Brice’s fruit juice and asked Alexandra for half of the burger … #KohLanta # KohLanta2020 # KohLantaLes4Terres

23 October 2020

# 6

Angélique’s look at LOLA means “PUTINNNN got you hot, youii !!” You’re a big tooth “#KohLanta

23 October 2020

# 7

We’re experiencing one of the saddest moments of #KohLanta’s 20 seasons with the elimination of Bertrand kamal

23 October 2020

# 8th

When I see that it’s Bertrand-Kamel who is eliminated !!! #KohLanta # KohLantaLes4Terres #BertrandKamal

23 October 2020

# 9

I went outside. I ran away from the table. I can’t handle it, I can’t. I’m the only one outside crying because Bertrand Kamel has been eliminated and we will never see him again. I feel like I’m dying … # KohLanta

23 October 2020

# 10

All of France after the elimination of Bertrand Kamel #KohLanta

23 October 2020

# 11


23 October 2020

# 12

In fact, Brice is from #KohLanta Jeff, but with hair

23 October 2020

# 13

“How can I tell you?”
“I don’t know my salary”
“Aren’t we waiting for Fabrice?”

What a boss. # KohLanta

23 October 2020

# 14

I believe Ava died on the island in 1895 and appears from time to time as a White Lady on the evidence. #Koh Lanta

23 October 2020

# fifteen

Lola during the count: #KohLanta

23 October 2020

And if you haven’t seen the top tweets from last week’s episode (i.e. episode 8), here it is.

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