The best tweets after episode 8

Anyone who says Friday necessarily means top tweets. And this Friday, October 16, 2020, TF1 is broadcasting the 8th episode of Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres. The opportunity for lovers of betrayal, low blows and crab fishing to find their favorite adventurers for another weekly broadcast. This eighth episode gave viewers the opportunity to discover the eliminations of Marie-France and Hadja, the appearance of bananas and the disappearance of rice, and Loïc’s infallible loyalty. And whoever says motley episode inevitably says ambiguous reactions on Twitter. Our community manager spied on Larry the blue bird’s social network to find the crème de la crème. The best thing about Twitter is to discover it below.

# 1

Ptdrrrrrrrr Don’t forget that Dorian is a controller so he runs fast. It is the same person who can run you for an unvalidated ticket for 1 hour. #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 2

We’ll have his portrait for the finals, I think #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 3

Angélique: Marie-France, if she sees my West Indian face, it’s dead! #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 4

Hadja who deliberately makes her lose her team because she is allergic to glucose #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 5

Dentists before the knot test #KohLanta # KohLanta2020

October 16, 2020

# 6

Hadja and Loic after 2 minutes of debate about eliminating Marie-France: #KohLanta:

October 16, 2020

# 7

Loic may be an ambassador at 20, but Marie-France was still a mother at 17 … #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 8th

Hadja, when she heard that they had found bananas #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 9

Imagine this guy with ambassadors, he could eliminate himself #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 10

Hadja when she announced that Marie-France would be eliminated. # KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 11

Rice always rice … #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 12

I’m a good adventurer, I’m scary, I’m good on the tests #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 13

Fabrice who smokes me, he’s so not in the strategies that he votes for Laurent just because they haven’t chatted much in two days #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

# 14

Nobody :
Hadja: It’s OUR bananas # KohLanta2020 #kohLanta

October 16, 2020

# fifteen

It always ruins me so much that Fabrice goes to do his ordeal in the swamp with clothes worthy of the best evenings at Macumba #KohLanta

October 16, 2020

By the way, if you couldn’t see the top tweets from the past week, you know they are available here.

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