The best tweets after episode 7

This Friday, October 9th, 2020, TF1 will broadcast the 7th episode of Koh-Lanta Les 4 Terres. Comfort and immunity tests, camp life, crab fishing and the most famous adventurers of the moment were strong again. Lovers of betrayal and low beatings meet in front of their television every Friday to discover the rest of the adventures of the four regions, united in two teams. This 7th episode was the opportunity to discover Sébastien’s elimination, the memorable leaps of Lola and Angélique, and Fabrice’s talents as a dancer. Best of all, it’s time for us to bring you the best of Twitter after this 7th episode. The best thing about Twitter is to discover it below.

# 1

The Hitek surprise bag!

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I hurt for him! #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 2


Laurent: #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 3

The red team that arrives in the evening #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 4

Alexandra: …
A GAUUUUCHE LAUREEEENNNNNT !!!! # KohLanta # KohLanta2020

October 9, 2020

# 5

Laurent arrived in Brittany #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 6

I try to achieve my goals # KohLanta2020 #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 7

This is the worst jump in Koh Lanta’s history. I’m done. #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 8th

Alix criticizes the Reds in the camps and Alix criticizes the Reds face to face


October 9, 2020

# 9

Chiper when he stole Dora’s supplies #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 10

Pttddr who remembers him? #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 11

These two #KohLanta are about to open their living room “Les 4 t’hair”

October 9, 2020

# 12

I can’t believe Galinette, the cafougnette #KohLanta # KohLanta2020 reveals

October 9, 2020

# 13

Angelique “I didn’t see the fire because I didn’t know I had to see it” #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# 14

Everyone: Fabrice, wasn’t that your girlfriend?
Sébastien: The fine justifies the Moyeing #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

# fifteen

If you failed the box #KohLanta

October 9, 2020

And if you haven’t seen the top tweets from last week’s episode, here it is.

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