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The best tweets after episode 13

Weeks go by, but the aftermath of Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands continues. This Friday, November 20th, and its enticing EuroMillions, allowed TF1 viewers to discover the 13th episode of the TF1 show. A Denis Brogniart, always so elegant, presented the new tests that the remaining adventurers had to face before Angélique left. This 13th episode also allowed us to discover Lola’s umpteenth consolation, Alexandra’s archery skill, and an expected male alliance. The ability for tweeters to resume service for an evening. Koh-Lanta has found itself again at the top of Trends France with particularly gratinated tweets. The best of Twitter after this 13th episode can be discovered right below.

# 1

Angelique winning the immunity test in front of Lola #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/iF3JzfgWFE

20th November 2020

# 2

Lola: I’m luckier against Angélique
Lola 5 minutes later # KohLanta pic.twitter.com/yvbNl3UqFg

20th November 2020

# 3

“If there was no mail, I would take Alexandra”
Alexandra’s reaction. # KohLanta2020 #kohlanta pic.twitter.com/P3PJgroGbd

20th November 2020

# 4

Shout for comfort and mail: # KohLanta2020 #kohlanta pic.twitter.com/71jy6nLeV3

20th November 2020

# 5

But is Angelique serious there? What do you mean by Lola, she wants her mail more than Alexandra, who has 2 daughters? Lola, she will have 3 photos from her chip shop. We’ll hear about it in 3 episodes #KohLanta

20th November 2020

# 6

All of France before Sam’s flashback #kohlanta pic.twitter.com/kI9mUlApJX

20th November 2020

# 7

Brice: | Lola:
I lost 15 kilos I gained 15 kilos #KohLanta | pic.twitter.com/iZZK3xrU36

20th November 2020

# 8th

#KohLanta Me every time I see Angelique: pic.twitter.com/lf9fyRmvwl

20th November 2020

# 9

I just saw that we didn’t even see his arrival in the final judging panel. There’s ZERO RESPECT PTN #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/4L1nsA9PFT

20th November 2020

# 10

Too cute this couple, much better than Lola and Angélique #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/K0TYq6WRFm

20th November 2020

# 11

And history repeated itself #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/8lWZKTPD3i

20th November 2020

# 12

The production of Engeln and Marseillais when they saw Lola and Angélique # kohlanta pic.twitter.com/4OBgQmN1tT

20th November 2020

# 13

For those going for guidance, when you meet this attendee, please notify production # KohLanta2020 #kohlanta pic.twitter.com/9bX9T6tEQr

20th November 2020

# 14

Lola’s parents:

We hope that it is not too difficult for our little sausage: #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/T1u1XYrMuM

20th November 2020

# 15

Dorian: I’ve lost 1/6 of my weight
FC Twitter: #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/MK2LzgmBOK

20th November 2020

# 16


20th November 2020

# 17

“Ah, but we are clearly better strategists than them!” # CroisonsLes #Kohlanta pic.twitter.com/5QBDE8EioZ

20th November 2020

# 18

#Koh Lanta
Brice gets on the scales

the scale: “Please put errors on the scale” pic.twitter.com/mmkOGvVrQ1

20th November 2020

# 19

Let’s never forget the moment when Claude Régis eliminated by even allowing himself to write two different scripts #KohLanta # KohLantaLes4Terres pic.twitter.com/xu17k7lHpM

20th November 2020

# 20

Angeline “Dorian Level Strategy is 0, he’s not”

Dorian, Brice and Loïc: #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/e8MzDG5o3F

20th November 2020

And if you haven’t seen our top tweets from last week’s episode, you can find them here.


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