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The best tweets after episode 12

For the past 12 episodes, TF1 has been giving us an appointment for a new episode of Koh Lanta every Friday evening: Les 4 Terres. The weeks go by and the eliminations continue. And after Alix and Laurent last week, it was Fabrice and Ava’s turn to say goodbye this week. A twelfth episode in which we could also discover Dorian’s first consolation, Ava’s talents as a fisherman and Alexandra’s still fragile stomach. Like every Friday, this new episode of Koh Lanta: Les 4 Terres was at the top of Twitter Trends France. The Twittosphere thrilled us once again, the opportunity for us to choose the gratin, the icing on the cake, the best of the best. The best tweets from episode 12 of Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands can be found below.

# 1

Of course, that’s how Brice felt when Dorian didn’t pick him for the # KohLanta2020 #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/UNTDu3V5o5

November 13, 2020

# 2

Rip Fabrice you will miss your shirt #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/MsNaZayVUw

November 13, 2020

# 3

Hadja when she saw Laurent and Alix arrive # KohLanta2020 # KohLantaLes4Terres #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/1KI4D0WGgi

November 13, 2020

# 4

Lola telling half of the camp that she has an immunity collar. #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/YhYVnQacrY

November 13, 2020

# 5

Lola, I don’t think she got the point of the game. She must think that the immunity chain is a friendship bracelet. # KohLanta2020 #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/Zv5xrYxvFf

November 13, 2020

# 6

Alexandra in reflection events #KohLanta # KohLanta2020 pic.twitter.com/4c60m9PJH0

November 13, 2020

# 7

Lola – “Brice is someone who hasn’t had enough gallantry in his life. He is a wrong person. ”
Lola in question: # KohLanta2020 #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/kQjBrgGrmX

November 13, 2020

# 8th

Alexandra as soon as she eats two carrots # KohLanta pic.twitter.com/AdtixZelNv

November 13, 2020

# 9

Ptdddddr alexandra she feels way too comfortable with the locals, 2 fingers away from asking about Papouilles #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/TSRaQVYWyY

November 13, 2020

# 10

Ava’s achievements: I caught a fish in 34 days #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/gjoXfDGINI

November 13, 2020

# 11

brice and dorian are lying in the sand #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/YIlGg4fG0K

November 13, 2020

# 12

Angelique: “After 15 times you don’t understand that it is not so” #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/fnd6SHBkSm

November 13, 2020

# 13

Fabrice: Is that this one?

Angelique: “MAAIIIIIS NOOOOOON !!!!!!!”

Fabrice: #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/kR3Tcz88a0

November 13, 2020

# 14

Brice who wins immunity if everyone wanted to eliminate him #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/1mGo34cTv2

November 13, 2020

# 15

Wait, but it’s 10:08 pm and Lola still hasn’t talked about her chip shop in Berck … #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/CP0PB6pfA0

November 13, 2020

And if you haven’t seen our top tweets from last week’s episode, you can find them here.


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