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The best tweets after episode 11

vNew week, new episode of Koh Lanta. The opportunity for TF1 to go to Fiji to find the reunited tribe, symbol of the first few weeks. Now united under the white flag, the adventurers of this season of the 4 earths are still letting their colors flood. This 11th episode allowed us to discover the elimination of Laurent and Alix, the atypical mix of Lola or the poor nose of Dorian. And as you can imagine, this new episode of Koh-Lanta sparked a reaction on Twitter too, with the show once again at the helm of Trends France. The tweeters have not skimped on humor, the gratin of which can be found directly below.

# 1

The Hitek surprise bag!

For only € 15 you can take home a mystery product worth at least € 20 to € 200: Switch Lite 🕹, gaming keyboard, Harry Potter chessboard, collector’s figure and much more … More information here

Ava: hide your joy
Brice: Sorry, do we know each other? Are you part of the adventure? I’ve never seen you #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/lpOwVsumZL

November 6, 2020

# 2

How we fell in 2020: #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/Lmf3gPWiGy

November 6, 2020

# 3

“I’m glad we won with Fabrice, but I’m going to have brunch with Angélique” #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/UyStZQz7Uh

November 6, 2020

# 4

Angelique: Yes my mouth
Dorian in his head !!
#KohLanta pic.twitter.com/gyNHBsvIsR

November 6, 2020

# 5

When Alix Laurent snaps her fingers #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/7KfkXZEeWJ

November 6, 2020

# 6

Brice at every advice when Denis goes on to count. #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/rLAVJPIoPU

November 6, 2020

# 7

Me: green
Denis – “Olive green! “”
Me: blue
Denis – “Turquoise! “”
Me: gray
Denis – “White! “”
Me: orange
Denis – “Salmon! “”
Me: purple
Denis – “Purple! “”

Me in front of my television: … #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/Dk7Eg9VmwZ

November 6, 2020

# 8th

Alexandra in her head it’s delirious. It answers questions that are not asked. She forced to type, discussing it with the cameraman H24. # KohLanta pic.twitter.com/all0k1XvEb

November 6, 2020

# 9

Angelique when she crossed a cockroach #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/Vqa3cVSfVF

November 6, 2020

# 10

Angelique, who criticizes Laurent and Alix for being active in the # KohLanta Camp pic.twitter.com/m8DUI0BbeM

November 6, 2020

# 11


Dorian at the end of the show: #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/34DTr1TQql

November 6, 2020

# 12

My girl and I #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/rn9G9uVUyC

November 6, 2020

# 13

Cockroaches on the island are like that when they saw their cousin being eaten #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/MXaGibh0S0

November 6, 2020

# 14

All of France in front of this new gastronomic dish unknown to everyone #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/c0xQqPFU35

November 6, 2020

# 15

Ich: I hope the ad won’t be long
The ad: #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/O1s5LBvZR3

November 6, 2020

And if you haven’t seen our top tweets from last week’s episode, you can find them here.


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