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As you know, the first detention has already dealt a fatal blow to many restaurants in our country. Given the decision to reconfigure the country, many restaurants must and will face significant complications after this new mandatory lockout period expires. In this difficult time, if you could imagine that every restaurant brand would do whatever it takes to promote their own products, this is not the case with Burger King.

Burger King no longer laughs: Order from McDo

In fact, the fast food chain caused a stir this weekend and was a real hit! The brand has decided not to advertise its offers and products, but rather to commit to supporting its competitors.

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Posted on the brand’s Twitter account, this is a phone call and a solicitation for customers to order from the competition.

In this text, entitled “Order at McDonald’s”, Burger King explains that “for once we are not kidding”. It must be said that the brand is famous for its many trolls towards McDonald’s.

We can read that Burger King encourages consumers to buy “KFC, Quick, O’Tacos, Dominos Pizza, Subway, Eat Sushi, Pizza Del Arte, Hippotamus, Pitaya, Sushi Store, Big Fernand, Mamma Primi, Ordering Chez Michel, Le Bistrot Basque, Café Kokomo, Yima, … “to name just a few, but demands the same” from all other independent restaurateurs.

The reason for that call from Burger King? These restaurants employ thousands of people and they need customers to help them order through delivery, take-out, or drive-through systems in order to save as many jobs as possible, both in terms of business, during this complicated time Health as well as health ‘economically.

Of course, as usual, Burger King didn’t oppose trolling its rival McDonald’s by ending its call for further order by stating, “Having a Whooper is better, but if it’s a Big Mac, it is.” ‘It’s not bad “. In any case, we can welcome the initiative and the nice communication from Fast Food.

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