“The Beast”: The Portuguese love the new Netflix movie


“The Beast”: The Portuguese love Netflix’s new whipping movie

The Italian production has been compared to “Taken” and “Punisher”, especially for the dark and violent side.

The actor was trained for the role for months.

There are people who say it’s the Italian answer to “Unrelenting Search” (“Taken” in the original title), an action-packed thriller starring Liam Neeson at its best. There are scenes that resemble a little “Joker” or even a “Punisher”, the Netflix series, which has since been canceled. Together, the protagonist is something of a tortured character and of course a generous amount of action.

Fabrizio Gifuni is bald, bearded and with the face of few friends Leonida Riva, the protagonist of “A Besta”, a lonely war veteran whose daily life is haunted by a violent past, as a former captain of the special forces. The actor is already a multi-faceted veteran of Italian cinema who was recognized by “Capital Humano” (2013). He also joins a relatively discreet passage for “Hannibal,” which marks Anthony Hopkins’ return to the role of the most trained cannibal in cinema.

Though Gifuni is a sleek fifties – he even played Pope Paul VI. – he accepted the interpretation of this kind of “Italian Rambo”, as the press in his country called him. “For us you are our Liam Neeson, who plays the theater and makes the cinema. It’s an action film, but with an eye on the bonds between characters, on family relationships. We don’t care about an actor who is just well trained physically. “

It took five months of training not only to gain more physical strength but also to be able to choreograph the fight scenes. He was followed by coaches with whom he worked five times a week, and his diet was chosen by others. “It was at a good time for the film to arrive,” the interviewer admitted himself.

“The most complex scene was a fight sequence in which I face twelve people going down three flights of stairs.” He filmed it five times, fell once and hit his nose. “The knock could be heard,” he reminded “Corriere”. Nothing serious. As he says, it was an opportunity to find out how good and sophisticated a James Bond film is at the age of 54. Not bad for those who had very little to do with exercise and physical training as a kid. “It was very liberating to do this through cinema”.

In “The Beast” we met Leonida during a therapy session in which she confessed that the dose that allowed her to get out of bed was no longer enough. He is a divorced man with a teenage son who has never forgiven him for how work has taken over his life and a younger daughter who adores her father every moment.

Leonida is not an easy figure. Every word that comes out of your mouth is said under austerity. He speaks because it has to be and yet at a price as if he’s always angry. The past seemed like the agony that was only there as a memory, but a tragic incident will force the ex-military man to return to who he was (in a hyper-violent process).

Beaten up, bloody, tired, Leonida is a guy who is better to break than to cheer. In the case of this story, there is a kidnapping that has to be solved even without the help of the police, as Leonida is not the type who is waiting for the help of the authorities.

“A Besta” is a Warner Bros. production that slipped discreetly on Netflix last Friday, November 27th. Even so, from the start it reserved a place on the podium for the most viewed content on the platform, a sign that the Portuguese public is increasingly comfortable with European productions.

The film is written and directed by Ludovico Di Martino, who, after a praised “Il Nostro Ultimo” (2015) among short films and less well-known television productions, has his second feature film. “A Besta” combines the mystery and action of one man against the world in a seemingly infallible recipe.