The band’s songs from “Pôr do Sol” are already on Spotify

The band’s songs from “Pôr do Sol” are already on Spotify

You can always listen to “Vegan Holocaust”, “Drug is a Pit” or “Beavers in Loves”, some of Jesus Quisto’s greatest hits.

The Jesus Quisto are the band from the soap opera “Pôr do Sol”.

In just two weeks, the soap opera “Pôr do Sol” on RTP1 has become a cult phenomenon because it satirizes this format. One of the protagonists of the story, Lourenço, has a rock band called Jesus Quisto (who even appeared on the show “Manhã Manhã Manhã”).

This Friday, August 27th, the album “Hits My Nice” reached digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Now you can listen to studio versions of songs like “Drug is a Pit”, “Beavers in Loves”, “Vegan Holocaust”, “Gym Hell”, “Chup it Up” or “Coito Sopa Coito”.

In total there are six minutes and 57 seconds of music – apparently still in Lourenço’s voice, as the character has since left the group and another singer has been hired (to the great disappointment of Vera, another band member).

Find out who Henrique Dias is, the screenwriter who creates the dialogues and jokes for “Pôr do Sol”, read NiT’s review of the first episodes, and find out what actor Diogo Amaral had to say about participating in the project.

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